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Creating an intuitive dashboard shouldn’t be difficult, whether you’re doing it yourself or for a client. Need an amazing tool to help sort your WordPress dashboard’s menus, pages, and content?

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Today, I’m really excited to introduce you to everything about WP Adminify – Which is a fantastic plugin for customizing your WordPress dashboard.

What Is WP Adminify?

WP Adminify allows you to personalize your WordPress dashboard with features like the login page customizer, menu builder, and folder module.

White label your WordPress by replacing the default branding with a custom logo, dashboard, and login page, and sort your pages, articles, and media assets into specialized folders to efficiently manage your content.

  • WP Adminify Appsumo Lifetime Deal is an alternative to Ultimate Dashboard and UiPress.
  • WP Adminify is Perfect for web developers, designers, and agencies that want to white label their WordPress dashboard.

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Why Choose WP Adminify Lifetime Deal?

WP Adminify makes it very simple to create a customized WordPress Dashboard. Simply choose your logo, add your own admin footer, and configure your theme style to brand your dashboard for your company or create a white-label experience for your clients. You may also design a completely customized login page with only a few clicks.

Start with one of the pre-built templates, then add your resources, and adjust the background colors, and the form content. After you’ve corrected it, see what more your dashboard can do for you. Simply name your new widget, choose the content type, and add media and user permissions.

You may even modify it for your team or customers! It’s time to upgrade your WordPress dashboard, and if you’ve ever had trouble finding WordPress tools, it’s time to discard that disguise. Adding resources and features to your dashboard menu is now possible.

Move your sidebar headers to the screen’s top and create a fast menu with your favorite shortcuts. You may also add custom CSS or JavaScript to your site and create your own rules for admin columns.

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WP Adminify Lifetime Deal Features

⇒ WordPress White Label

  • When you install WP Adminify, you will remove all of the default WordPress brandings.
  • You may upload your own logo to the Dashboard, Login Page, Admin Footer, and other areas.

⇒ Disable Admin Notifications

  • Because of Theme and Plugin notifications, the WordPress Dashboard might get disorganized at times.
  • All unnecessary admin notifications must be disabled for a better UI experience.
⇒ Dark Mode for WordPress
  • Schedule your Dashboard Dark Mode by time or by the operating system.
  • Toggling the switcher will allow you to alter your branding logos for both light and dark mode, as well as shift the Dashboard to dark mode.

⇒ Login Personalization

  • Using our Login customizer, you may change the look of your Login Page.
  • Login Customizer includes 16+ pre-built Templates. On the login page, you’ll find a plethora of controls.

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Administrator Pages

  • Make your own WordPress Dashboard Admin page and add it to any Top Level or Sub Level Menu.
  • You may create an Admin Page using any page builder.

⇒ Editor of Admin Columns 

  • The removal of unneeded Admin Columns from any post type may improve the aesthetics of your interface.
  • Columns may be added or removed from any post, page, category, or product.

⇒ Folders

  • The Folder module enables users to conveniently organize all of their Pages, Posts, Media assets, and post types into folders.
  • You may quickly drag and drop objects into any folder of your choice.

⇒ Editor of Menus

  • You may simply change the default Dashboard Menu item name, URL, and icon.
  • You may alter the order, update the submenu items, show/hide various menu items, and adjust the permissions.
⇒ Duplicator of Menus
  • Forget about starting with a fresh menu. Generate a regular menu once, then copy it to create several menu variations.
  • Menu items may also be cloned.

⇒ Logs of Activities

  • Do you want to keep an eye on your WordPress site?
  • This module gives you the ability to monitor each user’s activities.
  • It is essentially a security camera that records all activity and reports it to you.

⇒ Scripts for the Header and Footer

  • You may quickly insert Javascript and CSS into your whole website or any individual post, page, or post type.
  • Create an infinite number of snippets, target desktop or mobile devices, specify the location, and much more.

⇒ White Label WP Adminify 

  • WP Adminify in your WordPress Dashboard allows you to modify every branding.
  • Make a better Dashboard by using your own logo, name, URL, description, and author name.
  • Change the “WP Adminify” plugin logo.
  • Change the “WP Adminify” plugin name.
  • Change the “WP Adminify” plugin URL.
  • Change the “WP Adminify” description.

Insights into Google PageSpeed

  • At times, it’s the finest technique to monitor the pace of your website.
  • The dashboard now allows you to monitor any website performance metrics.
  • It’s Google Lighthouse-integrated and offers plenty of tips.
  • Pagespeed History Page Analyzed Pagespeed History Page Remove Pagespeed History Full Report
  • Mobile and Desktop History Page Pagination Prevent certain user roles from gaining access.

⇒ Dashboard Widgets That Are Unique 

  • Create a dashboard widget using a text editor, a shortcode, a video, or an image.
  • Customize the Welcome Widget with any page builder, such as Elementor, Oxygen, and others.

⇒ Order of Post Types

  • Do you want your greatest posts to always appear at the top?
  • This module will assist you in dragging your selected post to the top.
  • Not only does it work for posts, but it also works with any WordPress post type.
  • Instant Autosave Media Library with Taxonomy Support via Drag and Drop Select a certain post type or taxonomy when sorting for list layout.

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WP Adminify Appsumo Pricing Plans & Benefits

  • WP Adminify Lifetime access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All future Agency Plan upgrades
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days after purchase.
  • Stack up to two codes.
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Modes of darkness and illumination
  • Customize your login
  • Delete administrative notices
  • Menu Creator
  • Folders
  • Administration pages
  • Admin columns
  • Header and footer scripts
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Order of Post Types
  • Activity logs
  • Dashboard and welcome widget
  • Disable comments
  • Menu and post duplicator
  • Pre-made UI templates
  • Vertical and horizontal menus

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Final Thought

It shouldn’t seem like you’re trying to find your way through a corn maze in the dark while you’re using the WordPress dashboard. WP Adminify provides assistance in the process of redesigning your dashboard by providing over 18 modules that are simple to personalize. These modules include folders, a login customizer, and a menu builder.

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