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When you’re in charge of all of your company’s operations, you could find yourself overwhelmed. In spite of having new tools to speed up your productivity, you still waste more time hopping between different programs in order to keep track of everything.

Are you looking for an all-in-one platform that will make running your company a breeze? If so, read this article.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Appsumo’s Workpark Lifetime Deal – An all-in-one business management platform that makes it easy to run your business.

What is Workpark?

Workpark is an all-in-one company management software platform that enables you to operate your business from one spot. Manage clients, prospects, and projects, plus manage time, send invoices, and take money simply on white-labeled platforms.

Also, sign a contract, manage payroll, organize video meetings, and make it simple for customers to receive support in one place.

Workpark alternatively uses Zoho, Dubsado, & HoneyBook. If you are a freelancer or small to medium-sized entrepreneur and want to improve your operational skills? Then Workpark may be best for you.

Why Choose Workpark Lifetime Deal?

Your journey starts with Workpark’s “Mission Control” dashboard, which provides you with a genuine bird’s-eye perspective of your whole organization.

You may examine everything from hours spent to open tasks, outstanding bills, unsolved problems, and reports without leaving the site. If you wish to learn more about any of your departments, you may do so by selecting one of the tabs on the left.

Workpark is also ready to replace any CRM solutions you presently use. From the “Customers” menu, you may create pipelines, handle support requests, and create contracts. Workpark even allows you to send bills to your customers and white-label everything so your brand looks great every step of the way.

How Would Workpark Lifetime Deal Impact Your Business?

  • Everything may be managed via a single system that contains all of your data.
  • Information that is readily accessible to provide a 360-degree perspective of your company
  • Everyone is aware of what has to be done in advance, and everything falls into place as planned.
  • Teams work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Visual planning assists in preventing bottlenecks before they occur.

Workpark is a hidden accelerator for your company’s success…

Workpark Amazing Features

✅ Dashboard & Reports

Customized dashboards and reports for a full overview and delayed analysis of your business performance.

Workpark Lifetime Deal Dashboard

  • Mission Control: Work on your tasks, check-in and out, and most importantly plan your workload for the next 30 days.
  • Announcements: Keep up with company news right from your dashboard. The pier also has announcements.
  • Workload Management: Planning your workload over the next 30 days. It shows how many tasks are available & how many are due.
  • Control your workload: Your own workspace where you can see your daily, overdue, and upcoming tasks from any project.
  • Timer & Clock: Clock-in/out is a useful tool for tracking daily attendance. Limit clock-in and clock-out by IP address or geographic location. Use the timer to keep track of all your duties right at your desk.
  • Business Essentials: Key business performance data provide a rapid recap of all teams’ daily and weekly operations.
✅ Finance

Manage and preserve a thorough record of all financial transactions, and be prepared for your taxes at all times.

Workpark Lifetime Deal Finance

  • Invoices: Create excellent invoices to transmit online or as pdfs.
  • Quotes: Send customers professional-looking quotations that may be digitally signed and converted to invoices upon approval.
  • Credit Notes: The system will automatically change the balance or paid amount and provide credit notes to your clients.
  • Timelog Invoice: Create bills straight from time records with automated time tracking.
  • Payments & Expenses: Organize your payments & expenditures. Includes online payment tracking through Workpark platform.
  • Subscriptions: Scheduled recurring invoices for subscription payments.
  • Online Payments: Start taking online payments straight inside Workpark by connecting to one of the various payment processors.
✅ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software for small organizations that is both lightweight and feature-rich.

Workpark lifetime deal Customer Relationship Management

  • Clients: Take care of customers. Organize all tasks and budgets.
  • Deal Actions: Deal actions enable you to arrange and monitor prospective clients.
  • Customer Support: Complete the cycle of client services with an integrated ticket-based customer support system.
  • Leads: Generate leads, allocate deals, and convert leads to customers with a single click.
  • Collaborators & Contacts: Clients may add collaborators to help with projects or transactions. Add customer contacts for those who aren’t actively participating but should be reached.
  • Proposals: Send proposals to your leads, and if accepted, they become invoices.
  • Deals: Assign offers to new and current customers. Close the sales funnel with them.
  • Client Portal: Allow clients to collaborate through their own client portal. They may interact in real-time on initiatives, proposals, contracts, and budgets.
  • Contracts: Once approved, you may need to follow up with a formal multipage agreement with your customer to ensure you are properly protected.
✅ Work Management

Work management that is comprehensive and completely integrated.

Workpark Lifetime Deal work management

  • Task Management: Manage all tasks if the activities are project-specific or generic operational tasks. Work on lists and Kanban boards. Other features include subtasks, file attachments, and task reminders.
  • Projects: Finances: Fully integrated financial module for project management. Plan, track and manage project budgets.
  • Projects: Planning – Tools that keep project managers ahead of the curve. Reporting at the project level, milestones, Gantt, and Burn-down. Milestone-based payment contracts link finance and milestones.
  • Time Logs: Keep track of the hours worked on a project or general duties, as well as the hourly charges.
  • Projects: Tasks – Lists, kanban boards, calendars, and table views for organizing project activities. Plan, track and discuss projects and notes.
  • Workload Management: Fully integrated workload management with projects and people to reduce employee burnout.
Human Resources & Payroll

Lightweight, but complete with all of the functionality required for small company Human Resources and Payroll.

Workpark lifetime deal Human Resources & Payroll

  • Employee Bios: Complete employee management. Create a structure of departments, teams, and talents.
  • Salaries: Create numerous wage components and allocate them to personnel depending on their jobs and positions.
  • Attendance: Keep note of daily attendance, lateness, and holidays. Set and monitor attendance exclusively through IP addresses or geo-location using coordinates.
  • Expenses and Deductions: Track employee expenses, deductions, and time. Invoices are automatically subtracted or added.
Productivity & Collaboration

A set of productivity and collaboration tools that help your team and clients achieve better.

Workpark Lifetime deal Productivity & Collaboration

  • Dock: Its components follow you around the platform. Push announcements to all personnel or customers with a simple click.
  • Custom Fields: Go to settings and add a custom field of whatever data type you need.
  • Zoom Meetings: Your whole staff may log in to the Zoom module using the same business account.
  • Meetings & Events: Plan corporate events or meetings Go to General Meetings.
  • Template Builder: Create attractive and professional-looking quotations, invoices, proposals, and contracts with the integrated template builder.
  • Direct Messages: Ask short inquiries or have lengthy conversations straight on the platform. No need for another app.
  • Embeddable Forms: Build forms for both lead generation and support ticketing. Embed these forms into your website or online platform to automatically populate your CRM.
  • Files & Documents: Files enable you to connect files or documents to projects, workers, customers, and more.

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Appsumo’s Workpark Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo?

  • Lifetime Access & All future Workpark updates with GDPR compliant
  • Manage projects, tasks, discussions, notes, files, and project roles
  • Time tracking and invoicing.
  • Internal and client-facing dashboards.
  • Contract management and eSigning.
  • Quote generation, CRM leads, pipeline, proposals, and more
  • HR employee management, clock-ins, clock-outs, leave management, and more
  • Payroll employee salary profiles.
  • Support tickets module, & Productivity and collaboration.
  • Event scheduler, Reporting, Client portal, Integrations Zoom, Slack, Log expenses
  • And More…
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Final Thought

In this article, I have tried to show that you are getting through the Workpark Lifetime Deal that most other companies require five or more software to complete. So if you’re ready to make your life a million times easier, just click the link below and get to Workpark before this deal ends!

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