Waalaxy Lifetime Deal | Automate LinkedIn Email Prospecting

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If you are a Freelancer, a Small Company Owner, or a Lead Generation Agency that wants to save time while increasing the number of customers you get. Also, you can:

  • Do you want to contact up to 700 prospects per week via LinkedIn?
  • Get the professional email addresses of your prospects and send them automated outreach sequences.

Introducing: Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

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Today, we’re talking about Appsumo’s Waalaxy Lifetime Deal – LinkedIn prospecting automation made simple & easy.

What Is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy allows you to automate lead generation and communication with LinkedIn and email and track how well your team is doing. It also enables you to see how well your team is doing.

Using LinkedIn and email, you may produce hundreds of prospects weekly using Walaaxy.

Simply download the tool from the Google Chrome Store, and it will sync with your LinkedIn account immediately. The leads may be imported via LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or a CSV file.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal Is an Alternative To Lemlist and is Best for freelancers, small enterprises, and lead generation firms looking to save time and money.

What Can You Do With Waalaxy?

  • With LinkedIn and email, you may produce hundreds of prospects every week.
  • Import leads via LinkedIn Search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or a CSV file.
  • Receive quick access to your prospects’ vital information
  • Prospects may get up to 700 invites every week.
  • Using the email finder, you may learn their email address.
  • Because of the interaction with Dropcontact, you’ll get professional and verified email addresses.
  • Obtained using GPDR-compliant search and verification methods
  • Summarizes your email or LinkedIn response rate, prospecting status, and activities sent
  • To send out automatic invites and messages
  • Create automated follow-up communications to boost your response rate.
  • When someone comments on a LinkedIn post or visits your profile, you may set up campaigns to be triggered.
  • Combine many accounts in a single interface.
  • Import leads from various accounts and export leads between accounts within your team.
  • A consolidated dashboard allows you to see your team’s performance.

Waalaxy Features

❤️ Find your prospects

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal-Find your prospects

LinkedIn can help you find leads and automatically enrich them. Integrate Waalaxy on LinkedIn to optimize the prospecting process and gain direct access to your prospects’ information that is relevant to you. You can reach out to your options to find new opportunities!

🚀 Automate your LinkedIn prospecting

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal - Automate your LinkedIn prospecting

Generate automatic sequences straight from a list of contacts on LinkedIn to send automated invites and messages. After that, you may import your contacts into your CRM or email marketing solution.

✅ Automate your emails

Waalazy lifetime deal- Automate your emails

You can upgrade your LinkedIn contacts’ data with their emails, thus expanding your contact points. Your invites, messages, and emails will all be sent in sequence. Unless and until your prospect answers,

Read More About Waalaxy? Go Official Website.

Waalaxy Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan & Features

Let’s start with the benefits of purchasing from Appsumo…

  • Lifetime access to Waalaxy
  • All upcoming Business Plan updates
  • LinkedIn and email feature
  • Sent 700 invitations weekly per seat
  • CRM synchronization through Zapier & Integromat
  • Automatic imports of LinkedIn profiles
  • Email finder via Dropcontact
  • Centralized dashboard & campaign management
  • Export from one account to another
  • Easy sharing of prospect lists
  • Anti-duplicate management
  • Multi-account management
  • Admin capabilities, and more;

Walaaxy helps you collect hundreds of email addresses weekly, send automated messages, and create complicated processes to convert more people in less time.

Get Waalaxy Lifetime Deal At $59.00 | $1600.00

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Final Thoughts

Builds more beneficial relationships quicker using Waalaxy. You can plan weeks of prospecting in 30 minutes. You may also have heard that LinkedIn now limits members to 100 connection requests each week.

Waalaxy also has a sophisticated email finder. No list scraping; GDPR was compliant. Incorporate it with a LinkedIn campaign to build an automated sales machine.

An individual who reads your LinkedIn profile may be included in a campaign for LinkedIn messaging and email marketing.

You can even monitor your workforce’s efficiency & your results and link with your chosen CRM. Save money on Waalaxy by clicking the button below.

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