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If you are running a local business and looking for a point-of-sale system, you should definitely check out Vitepos. The Vitepos is a point-of-sale system that is entirely managed via the Internet.

This means you can start your store without investing in machines and hardware. All you need is an Internet-connected computer.

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Vitepos Lifetime Deal Key Features

Vitepos Lifetime Deal Key Features
  • 1 Site
  • Multiple languages
  • Barcode generator
  • Customize invoices
  • Cash drawer
  • Customer manage
  • Stock & purchase
  • Vendor manage
  • Staff/user manage
  • Access control
  • Unlimited outlets & counters
  • Split payment
  • Offline sale
  • Multiple colors
  • Product management
  • Premium support

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Vitepos Lifetime Deal Overview

Vitepos is a complete point-of-sale plugin for WooCommerce that makes an online e-commerce site a local store.

It allows customers to purchase items in person using a credit or debit card and provides all the features of a traditional POS system, including inventory management, tax calculation, and receipt printing.

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Running a local business has become more and more complex. You need to make sure that your business is running smoothly, which can be a lot of work to do. Vitepos’s point-of-sale systems have been designed to help you run your business easily.

So, If you manage your online and offline stores from the same app, It is quick and simple to use, and it will save you both time and money. Your customers will have a consistent and pleasurable experience. Check out Vitepos Lifetime Deal with a 60-day FREE Trial Right Now!

What are Vitepos Features?

☞ No Expensive Hardware Required

Vitepos does not need any costly hardware to function. Use your existing gadgets to save money! The POS may be accessed through any web browser or mobile device.

☞ Scan Barcodes and Search Products

You may add things to your basket by scanning the product barcode with a scanner or searching for the product. You may use the camera on a tiny device to scan a product’s barcode and search as well.

☞ Order Notes, Discounts, and Customer Service

Your cashier may easily create cart discounts and leave order remarks regarding the order. Customers may be simply chosen/added from the cart panel. It is a pleasant and simple operation for the cashier.

☞ Calculation of taxes depending on location

You may add tax in vitepos depending on your outlet location. You do not have to add the tax to your purchase for these features.

☞ Customer in Line/Hold Cart

Vitepos features a customer queuing mechanism, so if a client is taking their time making payments, you may put his or her cart information on hold without losing data.

vitepos Lifetime Deal
vitepos Lifetime Deal #1

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☞ Payment Options: Split/Single

You may select a single or split payment option when checking out. You may accept cash, credit cards, and other payment methods as clients like.

☞ Receipts/Invoices should be printed

Vitepos offers both automated and manual printing of branded receipts. Your consumers will be drawn in by the money receipts and invoices. It is detailed and easy to grasp.

☞ Offline Storage of Data

Optimized and speedier, with the ability to store data locally and function without an online connection. When the Internet is restored, data may be stored on the cloud without any further effort or backup.

☞ Simple UI and UX

In its user interface, Vitepos employs the most beautiful and material design. In the blink of an eye, all of the data is synchronized. Its appealing, user-friendly, and appealing design will captivate any buyer.

☞ Shortcuts for the Keyboard

For that vitepos, add some shortcuts to make your job simpler and quicker. You can work so quickly using such shortcuts.

☞ All gadgets are responsive

It is entirely responsive and can be used on any size device. You can scan barcodes using the built-in camera on your tablet or mobile device.

☞ Several Color Options

It offers a variety of color screens from which you may choose your favorite.

☞ Support for Multiple Languages

Manage your shop in your native language. VitePos is a multi-language plugin that can be translated with LocoTranslate.

☞ Product Management Made Simple

Vitepos is distinguished by its ease of product management. With its fantastic user-friendly UI, you can effortlessly add/edit basic and variable products.

☞ Product Stock is Updated Dynamically

Purchase product / Update stock is a function that allows you to update the information of your inventory goods. That implies it is well-versed in supplier and outlet information.

☞ Barcode Creation (Unique feature)

Another unique and outstanding function of VitePos is barcode generation. Using this module, you can easily produce and print barcodes for any product.

vitepos Lifetime Deal #2
vitepos Lifetime Deal #2

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☞ Cash Drawer Administration

The current cash drawer balance/order information is shown. You may also shut the cash drawer or open a new one if you like.

☞ Customer Service

Manage all of your client’s properties. The customer module allows you to add/edit and remove customers. In addition, using the cart panel, you may select/add customers to your order.

☞ Management of Users and Employees

Add and update users with specified roles, such as Cashier, Manager, Storekeeper, and so on.

☞ Account Data Check Every Month

Your account is in good hands since Vitepos will effortlessly manage your shop. At the end of the month, you can easily check product counts and view the total of all the calculations, allowing you to understand your monthly spending.

☞ ACL – Access Control Level – Secured

It offers the distinct capability of sharing user access levels or the power of your agents. Which is much more secure.

☞ Management of Stores and Counters

Vitepos allows you to manage an unlimited number of outlets and counters. You may appoint various managers/cashiers/agents to each outlet or manage them all at once.

vitepos Lifetime Deal
vitepos Lifetime Deal #3

☞ Personalize an Invoice or Receipt

You may personalize your invoice or receipt as you wish. It provides a comprehensive range of customization options. You may add your company logo to the receipt and customize the footer greetings.

☞ REST API-based

Vitepos is a one-page program that completes all processes in record time. The one-of-a-kind search feature allows you to locate preferred items and consumers as quickly as possible

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Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that this is a great Point of Sale system for WooCommerce. It is easy to use and manage and would save you time and money. Your customers will have a seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

So why the delay? Take Vitepos today and see how it works for you in 60 days. But be quick! This offer won’t last forever.

Get Vitepos Lifetime Deal with 60-day FREE Trial!

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