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The 2nd version of the world’s best 2D and 3D animation maker, Vidtoon is a professional and easy video-making software.

You can make animated videos, animated cartoons, stop motion videos, cartoon videos, 3D animation, and 3D stop motion videos with it.

In this blog, you can learn more about the new version of Vidtoon, learn more about its new features of it and test the free trial version of it.

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With Vidtoon™ 2.1 – Make money with the easiest and most popular video animation software in the world. It’s bigger. Better. And FASTER…

Vidtoon Lifetime Deal Overview

Vidtoon™ 2.1 is the latest version of the best 2D drag-and-drop animation maker in the world. It comes with more than 25 characters, each with 20 animations, 100 FHD cartoon backgrounds, 100 Modern royalty-free music tracks, and a lot more.

Vidtoon is a video maker app that lets you create animated videos with music. You can use your own images and add text to create a video that suits your needs.

Vidtoon is an app that creates animated videos with music. You can add text and images to create a video that suits your needs. The app provides you with many templates and animations to choose from, making it easy for anyone to create their own animated video.

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Vidtoon Lifetime Deal Overview

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Why Choose Vidtoon Lifetime Deal Offers?

☞ Faster: We’ve Outdone Ourselves. The all-new editor works faster than ever. We make it easy for you to make 2D animated explainer videos in no time.

☞ More animated characters that are ready to go are included for almost any situation and the niche you want to dominate.

☞ Even Bigger: Expanded Royalty-Free Library with HD Background Images and Music Files Ready to Click!

☞ Go Global: Make animated videos that are creative and meet international standards.

☞ Automated Voice Overs: Our Microsoft and Google Dynamic Text To Speech options can give your animated explainer video a touch of realism.

☞ Longer: Now you can make animated explainer videos that are up to 25 minutes long, instead of only 3 minutes before. If you sell longer explainer videos, you’ll make more money.

☞ FIRST ADD-ON: A free upgrade to a commercial license is included, so you can make money from all of your explainer videos without having to worry about legal issues.

☞ Smart Timeline: We know what works best with Smart Timeline! Drag and drop items onto the scene, and we’ll put them in the right place.

☞ Approved for social media: Make videos for your social media platforms by choosing a resolution that works best for that platform.

☞ Animate Text: If your regular text is written in an old-fashioned way, you can change it by adding animated text techniques.


  • Use every part of video editing to your advantage by bringing in your own videos.
  • More timelines for each category means it’s easier to keep track of your items.
  • FHD Export: Great Quality Redefined!
  • Focus on What’s Important: Camera Zoom-In/Zoom-Out
  • Modern User Interface- For Our Smart Users!
  • With built-in images, GIFs, and icons bringing the world to your doorstep in partnership with Pixabay and Giphy to make your explainer video effective!
  • Change the rules of the game by adding more animations and transitions. Be there to win.
  • And much, much more…

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Vidtoon™ Deal Features

Vidtoon™ 2.1 is a great upgrade to the original Vidtoon™. With enhanced features, it’s easier than ever to create, manage, and share your videos with your friends and family. Vidtoon lifetime deal offers a host of features that make your life easier as well as improve the quality of your video content.

✅ 25 Amazing New Characters.

VidtoonTM 2.1 introduces 25 new characters to improve your explainer video animations, regardless of the storyline. Using our timeless and current assortment of characters, we provide you the ability to connect emotionally with your audience.

✅ 21 MORE Animations & Transitions

Vidtoon lifetime deal has added 30 new animations and transitions that will make your videos look like works of art. Give Disney a run for its money by giving your characters magic-like effects with just a few clicks. Also added is the ability to zoom in and out with the camera to make your videos look more professional.

Now you can make outputs that last up to 25 minutes instead of just 3 minutes! You can do all of this and more without spending a dime on a pricey animator.

✅ 34 New HD Backgrounds

Vidtoon also included 34 High Definition backgrounds to help your animations stand out. Simply drag and drop your favorite background onto your timeline to see the magic!

✅ Impressive Transitions

With a single click, you can add transitions to your explainer video. Make your characters swipe in and out of the direction of your choice. Zoom in and out to focus selectively. You can also utilize the fade effect.

✅ Effective Typography

Use appropriate language. More importantly, make them appear appealing. To maintain memory, use your brand’s fonts and colors. You can also adjust the size, type, and color of your text to the plot of your film.

✅ Simple Customization

Add items in the appropriate proportions. Simply drag the corner (the red x indicates where) to resize the specific piece in your output.

✅ Simple Technology

You make your own decision. We allow you complete creative control over where each item appears on your canvas.

✅ Rapid Customization

You may now quickly add your own audio files and graphics to personalize the video to your specifications.

✅ Extremely conversant

We encourage communication. Simply click, copy, and flip your character to have a conversation with another.

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Final Thoughts

The World’s Easiest and Most Popular Video Animation Software. We have seen that the software is easy to use, and it has a lot of features that will help you create the best-animated videos.

The software provides you with a wide range of tools to create animations that are unique and creative.

Today, businesses are using animation in their marketing campaigns as a way to stand out from competitors. The best part about using animations is that it is an inexpensive and effective way to communicate a message.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is or what type of business you are running. Whether you’re selling life insurance or selling to children, animation can be used to help understand and sell the product.

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