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If you’re looking for a website monitoring tool that can help you track your site’s uptime, speed, and performance, then Uptimia is an excellent option.

With instant alerts about site issues, you can ensure your site is always up and running smoothly.

Uptimia Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Uptimia Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Speed monitoring
  • Real user monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Branded reports: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Instant alerts
  • Status pages
  • Integration status reports and notifications with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more
  • Web speed monitoring in 1-minute intervals
  • Twilio integration for SMS messaging

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Today, we will look at Uptimia—the website uptime and health monitoring tool that helps you keep your site running smoothly.

Uptimia Appsumo Lifetime Deal Overview

Uptimia is a website monitoring tool that tracks your site’s uptime, speed, and performance with instant alerts about site issues.

It’s a great way to keep your site running smoothly and ensure visitors have a positive experience.

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All-in-one Website Monitoring

Monitoring Website Performance with Uptimia
The most trustworthy website monitoring service in the world. Track the performance of your website. Receive notifications when it malfunctions or goes down.

Start a FREE 60-day trial.
So why wait? Get Started with Uptimia today and see the results for yourself!

Why Choose Uptimia?

Uptimia is a complete website monitoring service that is suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. The service provides tools for monitoring website uptime, performance, and security.

The tools are easy to use and provide comprehensive data to help businesses improve their website performance.

Uptimia Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☞ Uptime Monitoring

Check the uptime of HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, UDP, TCP, email, and more. There are 171 checkpoints where checks are done as often as every 30 seconds!

☞ Speed Monitoring

Load a website with a real Chrome browser to see how it works. Get updates on how fast things load or warnings if something goes wrong.

☞ Transaction Monitoring

Watch web transactions (like login forms, check-out forms, etc.) and be notified if something goes wrong. Find out exactly where the problem has happened!

☞ Real User Monitoring

Watch how fast your website works for people who visit it. Get detailed reports on how long pages take to load by country, browser, operating system, and more.

Uptimia Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☞ Reliability

Monitoring other people needs to be completely reliable, so Uptimia has no single point of failure. Uptimia is spread across two data centers, so it can keep running even if one goes down.

☞ Variety of options

Uptimia can keep an eye on every part of how well your website is doing. Keep an eye on how long your website is up, how fast it loads in different parts of the world, how happy your visitors are, and whether or not all of its most important functions are working as they should.

☞ Instant alerting

Checking for mistakes on your websites by hand is a time-consuming and unnecessary task. Uptimia can take care of it and send you a message if something goes wrong. Get alerts sent to your email or phone.

☞ Reporting

We always let you know what’s going on with your websites. Get reports every day, every week, every month, or even every year.

Use the colors and logo of your company. Export any reports you need for your clients or meetings inside your company.

☞ Number of checkpoints

Uptimia is happy to have 171 points of presence on six continents worldwide. You can be sure that people in your area and worldwide will be able to load your websites just fine.

☞ Customer support

A recent poll of our customers showed that more than 95% are happy with how we help them. We always get back to you very quickly when you have a problem.

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Uptimia Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan & Features

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Uptimia is an excellent tool for keeping track of your website’s uptime and performance. With its instant alerts, you can stay on top of any site issues that may arise.

On the Uptimia dashboard, you can see all your sites at a glance and do simple things like scheduled maintenance, pause a monitor, or delete a monitor.

Plus, everything is shown in real time!

Click the button below to learn about the other types of site monitoring, how Uptimia helps teams, and how Uptimia’s integrations make site management more effortless.

But don’t wait too long, because this deal won’t last forever! Look at Uptimia right now!

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