UChat Lifetime Deal Review | Chatbot Builder No Coding

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People are not willing to wait for your customer service. In this day and age of immediate everything, your consumers want you to be available at all times and ready to speak as soon as they call.

Would you use it if there existed a technology that allowed you to reply instantly to clients on prominent social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, everything is possible with UChat Lifetime Deal>>>

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Today I’m Talking about Appsumo’s UChat – Using a visual chatbot builder, you may automate your sales process.

What is UChat?

UChat is the first chatbot in the world that can connect with your consumers across 11 unique channels at the same time. In a word, UChat is the world’s most advanced chatbot.

It provides answers to queries, produces leads, and closes deals regardless of where your clients are located. UChat keeps your clients engaged 24/7 without requiring you to do anything.

UChat is an alternative to ManyChat, Chatfuel, & Chatrace.

Who Should Use Conversational AI?

Customer support teams, digital marketers, small businesses and entrepreneurs, and agencies.

UChat is compatible with almost any platform you might possibly use in your business, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Whatsapp, SMS, Voice, Google Business Messenger, Line, and Viber, for example.

Why Choose UChat Lifetime Deal?

Create your own chatbot in minutes with no coding experience necessary. UChat can expedite support service, qualify and follow up with leads, and convert leads into loyal customers across all main channels with the use of a clever artificial intelligence chatbot!

  • Multiple-Channel Conversation – Go where your consumers are. UChat has the most channels!
  • Visual flow creator – Create chatbots using our drag-and-drop flow builder.
  • Smart A. I – Powered by Dialogflow, chatbots quickly engage your visitors 24/7.
  • Quick start template – Import templates from our chatbot template library to get started.
  • Integrations – Expand connections using our “mini-apps” for Stripe, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Gmail, Shopify, Sendgrid, and Zapier.
  • Developer-friendly – Custom JSON fields and JSON actions let you build a smart chatbot.

UChat Features

Ultimate Chatbot Platform:

Regardless of where your client is located, reach out to them. Customers may be reached through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Voice, and Google Business Messenger, among other channels.

Create and deploy your chatbot in a visual manner:

Create complicated discussion flows with ease, flexibility, and speed with our drag-and-drop flow builder – all without having to know any code.

A.I Build A will give your chatbot a boost:

I-powered chatbot that helps you engage visitors and answer any FAQ queries promptly, 24/7.

Multi-Channel Chatbot:

Being where your customers are implied being there for them.

UChat allows you to automate sales and reply to customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Voice & Google Business Messenger, Line, and Viber.

There is always a method to automate a business without coding, no matter how your client contacts you.

Built IVRs with our Voice Flow

Automate the phone calls! Your voice virtual assistant may be built using UChat’s unique speech flow. You may also design IVR, transfer callers, leave messages, and even process payments automatically.

Create a bot in Google Business Messenger:

UChat now supports Google Business Messenger. You may use Google’s strong market dominance to construct chatbots.

This is a great chance to assist companies book appointments, making reservations, and providing good customer service.

Start Whatsapp Business API for $5/month:

This is the best price on the market for unlimited free session texts. UChat has teamed up with 360 Dialog to provide you with this offer using the official WhatsApp business API?

Drag & Drop flow builder:

You’ll start with ready-to-use conversational flow templates and then alter them in a drag-and-drop flow builder.

Drag the line to connect the components. Creating a chatbot without coding takes just minutes.

Loved by Developers Flow Builder:

UChat is a great platform for developers. Build advanced chatbots without coding knowledge using an inbuilt database, HTTP request, JavaScript function, and JSON variable and action!

Ecommerce across all channels

Customers may use the UChat eCommerce capability to purchase across all channels. Plus, you’ll be able to link to Shopify shortly.

Your consumers can simply find your items, and UChat simplifies the checkout procedure. Setup discount codes, shipping zones, order confirmations, and abandoned basket follow-up is simple.

Manage & Reply through Livechat & Mail:

Even a sophisticated chatbot will require human assistance from time to time.

UChat is a live chat/inbox that maintains all your contacts and chats on the same page.

Integrate with Everything:

You can simply link to other 3rd parties with Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly Connect and even design your own integration with mini-apps.

Set up a white-label program with UChat:

For digital marketers and agencies, UChat is the right platform to white-label. You may have your own domain, logo, and login pages.

UChat Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo.

  • UChat Lifetime access with 60day money-back guarantee
  • Updates to the All Future Business Plan
  • Build a speech or text-based chatbot for Facebook Messenger or Instagram.
  • You may also use Google Business Messenger, Line, or Viber.
  • No-code flow builder
  • Make an AI chatbot.
  • Build voice flow IVRs.
  • Live chat and inbox
  • All integration
  • Build your own mini-apps
  • 1 Google and 1 Facebook account per workplace
  • All Channels with 1 workspace

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UChat Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing Plan

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Final Thought

Your customers may purchase using any UChat channel. If you require a real person, smoothly switch to an agent. I think you love ai-human collaboration.

UChat is an almost powerful solution to automate customer care. It’s like having 24/7 sales and support.

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