TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal | All-In-One Privacy Solution

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You’re ready to launch your website, but all the legal stuff makes you feel unprepared for court. You don’t have time to keep up with privacy laws and hidden fees.

Imagine a privacy solution that didn’t cost you time, money, or website functioning.

Meet: Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Deal >>>

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Today, I’m going to talk about Truendo – A consent management platform that automates your compliance with GDPR and CCPA rules so you never have to think about them again.

What Is Truendo?

Truendo is an all-in-one website privacy solution that fulfills all of the requirements for compliance with GDPR and CCPA for your website while simultaneously gathering data from your site’s users.

It won’t cost you anything more to keep your website up to date with the most recent legal standards as you manage your policies and consent records.

Benefit from an infinite number of page views and sessions for each of your domains, as well as valuable information for each of your individual visitors.

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TRUENDO alternative to OneTrust.

Who Needs TRUEND?

TRUENDO is a highly effective compliance solution that provides businesses with a simple and efficient way to ensure their website remains GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

This product is especially useful for freelancers, digital agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses who want to avoid potential legal and financial repercussions by adhering to the latest data protection regulations.

With TRUENDO, users can seamlessly integrate a fully customizable and user-friendly consent management system onto their website, allowing visitors to easily manage their data preferences.

This product is also designed to provide ongoing support, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in data protection laws.

Overall, TRUENDO is an ideal choice for any business looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution to maintain GDPR and CCPA compliance.

How Does Truendo Work?

This program usually operates based on pageviews and website sessions. That’s an issue for many company owners since most visitors will return.

Truendo understands that. They provide you with complete platform freedom depending on unique visitors. No unexpected costs mean you can rest.

⇒ Better than saving money?

You may sleep well knowing you’re up to speed on internet restrictions.

Truendo learns from your website’s content what data you gather, automatically develops your privacy and cookie policies, and scans your website monthly for compliance.

⇒ You know that’s awesome

If that’s not enough, Truendo features an amazing auto-block function that blocks anything from third parties unless a user consents.

It is the digital bouncer for third-party cookies, services, scripts, pixels, and other privacy invasions.

Truendo Features

The Truendo Consent Management Platform makes things clear between your organization and the people who visit your website. This makes it easier to build trust and improve communication.

🔄 Automation

Scan your website once a month using an automated system to guarantee that it is always up to date-and in compliance with relevant standards.

You are also free to classify cookies in any way you see fit for the purpose when visitors express their permission.

➡ Insights

Truendo is able to acquire important information while maintaining complete compliance with all applicable regulations.

You will be able to get a deeper understanding of your clientele and enhance the manner in which you approach prospective consumers if you make use of insights.

➡ Customization

It is possible to modify the color scheme of our cookie manager and cookie banner, as well as the color and size of the buttons, to correspond with the corporate identity of your firm.

This helps to ensure that your website has a consistent appearance throughout.

➡ Auto-blocking

Using our auto-blocking tool, you’ll have an easy time managing any cookies, scripts, pixels, and other elements on your website that need permission.

➡ Privacy Policy

The Truendo CMP comes equipped with a baseline privacy policy that addresses the fundamental statutory requirements that must be met by the vast majority of websites.

Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Deal Policy

➡ Cookie Policy – To make compliance with regulations even more hassle-free for you, the Truendo CMP will automatically develop a cookie policy at no additional charge.

➡ Advanced Customization – You have your choice of five different banner designs, and you also have the option of removing the Truendo emblem from the banner you create.

➡ Administration of Access- You may invite and manage numerous individuals inside your account, as well as provide those person access to companies and projects.

➡ IAB TCF v2.0 – Assist publishers in meeting the standards of the IAB by providing an interface that has been optimized, and we do so without causing any delays on your website.

➡ Multilingual – The Truendo CMP is currently accessible in a total of 31 languages, allowing it to serve all of the EU’s member states as well as its primary trade partners.

➡ Geo-control – You have the option of restricting the display of the Truendo CMP on your website to just the nations of the EU (in accordance with GDPR), only California (in accordance with CCPA), or the whole globe.

➡ Test domain

You are possible to test the Truendo CMP on your website by using a test domain before any DNS modifications have had the chance to propagate.

➡ Optimized – Take control of your cookies across all websites and operating systems by managing them. The User Experience and User Interface of Truendo have been optimized for all screen sizes.

➡ WCAG 2.0 AAA – Any visitor may simply set their own personal data choices when the site complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to the AAA level.

Truendo Deal Terms & Features

✅ Appsumo Terms

  • Lifetime access TRUENDO With the 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Updates to the Premium Plan
  • Choose your plan without codes or stacking.
  • 60 days after purchase, activate your license.
  • Upgrade between 3 license levels
  • GDPR ready
  • New TRUENDO users without accounts

✅ Lifetime Feature Benefits

  • Choose from 5 different banners
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Option to disable logo
  • Auto-blocking
  • Easy to fit in
  • Websites Monthly auto-scan
  • option to scan your domain manually
  • Available in 31 languages
  • Cookie domain
  • Test domain
  • IAB TCF v.2.0
  • Geo-control
  • Dashboard of statistics

Truendo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Access License Tier 1 for $79.00 | Regular Price $297.00

  • Now Save $218 Right Now!
  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • Every year, 300,000 unique visitors arrive.
  • Use 3 domains

Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Deal License Tier 2 for $149.00 | Regular Price $792.00

  • Now Save $643 Right Now!
  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • Every year, 800,000 unique visitors arrive.
  • Use 8 domains

Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Deal License Tier 3 for $219.00 | Regular Price $1485.00

  • Now Save $1266 Right Now!
  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • Every year, 2.5M unique visitors arrive.
  • Use 25 domains
  • Features of Agency

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Final Thoughts

With TRUENDO, your Premium plan price is based on your yearly unique visitor count. A unique visitor is a person who has previously configured their privacy settings on your domains.

They are only considered as one unique visitor no matter how many times they visit the same site on the same device.

How will you handle website GDPR and CCPA compliance? Join TRUENDO now by clicking the link below!

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