TeliportMe Lifetime Deal Review | Virtual Tour Software

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Are you looking for the best virtual tour software that will allow you to create stunning virtual tours?

Look no further than the TeliportMe lifetime deal on Appsumo; you can get lifetime access to this powerful software. This is an incredible offer that you don’t want to miss!

TeliportMe Lifetime Deal-Best Virtual Tour Software

TeliportMe KEY Features

  • High-Resolution Images
  • HD Green Screen Videos
  • Magic Embed
  • Virtual Host
  • Password Protection
  • Floorplans
  • Polygon Content Hubs
  • Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Chatbot Integration

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TeliportMe Lifetime Deal Overview!

TeliportMe is a Virtual Tour software that lets you create and host interactive 360° virtual tours with high-resolution content delivery.

It is an excellent tool for businesses that want to showcase their products and services uniquely and engagingly.

With TeliportMe, you can give your customers a virtual tour of your business and let them experience your products and services firsthand.

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Why is TeliportMe The Best Virtual Tour Software in The World?

There are many reasons why TeliportMe is the best virtual tour software in the world.

  • First, the software is straightforward to use.
  • Second, the software is very affordable.
  • Third, the software has features that make creating virtual tours simple and fun.
  • Finally, the software is backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are always available to help users get the most out of the software.
Why is TeliportMe the best virtual tour software in the world?


TeliportMe Features

Create virtual tours that are realistic, immersive, and interactive. You can use TeliportMe to create virtual tours of homes, businesses, and other locations.

TeliportMe offers a variety of features that make it easy to create virtual tours.

☛ High-Resolution Images

High-resolution photos are the foundation of effective marketing. TeliportMe can handle high-resolution material with no compression.

These designs have a maximum resolution of around 32K, so you will never have to worry about fuzzy photographs again.

Every picture is clean and clear, as it should be, resulting in more visually appealing virtual tours.

TeliportMe Lifetime deal High-Resolution Images


☛ HD Green Screen Videos

HD Green Screen Videos can make your virtual tour even more immersive and realistic for your customers.

With just a few clicks, you can add clips or animations that blend seamlessly into your 3D tour, making it more engaging and exciting.

The green-screen videos are filmed with high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible visuals. This unique feature will help your virtual tour stand out from the competition.

☛ Magic Embed

TeliportMe provides the most excellent 360o views on the web, complete with integrated audio and movies.

You may insert photographs, movies, sounds, floorplans, 360o films, and 3D photos into any website using a revolutionary embedding tool that does not need HTML coding skills.

TeliportMe also allows for frame customization, allowing you to customize your story.

☛ Virtual Host

Adding a virtual host to your tour can help improve engagement by providing a guide to help customers navigate the time.

TeliportMe’s avatar controls allow you to specify a preferred position for the host on the screen, from the top, left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.

You can also specify a preferred rotation so that the avatar appears from a random side or position.

☛ Password Protection

If you’re working on a project, you don’t want everyone to see; a password-protected virtual tour can be a great way to share it with select people.

This way, you can control who views the tour and be sure that nobody will stumble across it by accident. When the project is finished, you can share it publicly, but until then, it’s best to keep it password-protected.

☛ Floorplans

Floor Plans are a great way to capture a 360-degree view of a room and show people exactly where everything is.

With interactive hotspots, people can move around the room and see exactly what is in each space. This is an excellent tool for showing clients or friends where everything is in a room, making it easy to orient yourself in the space.

☛ Polygon Content Hubs

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to create clickable areas on your website, look no further than the Polygon Hotspot.

With this tool, you can easily create shapes that are 100% clickable, meaning more customers can interact with your content.

Whether you’re looking to create infographics, image galleries, or slideshows, the Polygon Hotspot is the perfect tool for the job.

☛ Analytics

Analyzing website traffic with in-built analytics saves time and money. N-built analytics provide visitors, exit points, bandwidth, and website loading statistics.

The integrated analytics module provides complete tour data without additional fees.

☛ Lead Generation

Adding a call-to-action button to your virtual tour is an easy way to generate leads and convert prospects into customers.

You can create a highly effective lead-generation campaign using the power of online marketing.

With a single click, you can connect the button to all your CRM tools and generate more leads.

☛ Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are among the most effective marketing platforms for customer support, sales, and lead creation.

Allow them to communicate with the live chatbot that appears as they arrive. It enables them to ask inquiries and get responses in real-time.

Chatbots are also fully linked with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, enabling clients to choose their favorite chat channel for the shortest response time.

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TeliportMe Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

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TeliportMe Appsumo Deal Feature Benefits

  • HD panoramas (up to 30MB each)
  • Unlimited interactive links
  • Unlimited videos, images, sound, and URLs as customized links
  • Unlimited embed views
  • MLS-compatible embed/links
  • Nadir and Zenith patches
  • Horizon correction
  • Customized embed design
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Optimized loading for different screen sizes
  • Access to training programs
  • Custom sharing thumbnail
  • iOS and Android app PRO versions
  • 360 camera integration
  • 16K resolution
  • Private and unlisted collections
  • Unlisted and private tours

How to Get 10% OFF from Appsumo?

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  • This offer is only available to new users.

Final Thoughts

TeliportMe is an excellent virtual tour platform that can help you boost your revenue and better manage your most valuable assets.

The platform is easy to use and provides many features and tools to help you create and promote virtual tours.

The ability to track and manage your tours online is a valuable asset, and customer support is excellent.

Overall, I highly recommend TeliportMe to anyone looking for a virtual tour platform.

So, you will get access to the TeliportMe Lifetime Deal for a 60-day FREE trial. That means you may try it out for two months risk-free to determine whether it’s appropriate for you.

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