Switchy Lifetime Deal | Best Linktree Alternative 2023

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Your product and content are all clickable, but you have no visitors! There’s no point in wasting money on links that aren’t relevant to your audience.

With a simple tool that uses the power of pixels to revamp your social media campaigns and boost conversions in today’s world, you can get links that will make your target demographic stop and click.

Introducing: Switchy Lifetime Deal>>>

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Today, I’m excited to tell you about Switchy Lifetime Deal – Create custom retargeting links that can increase engagement and conversions.

What is Switchy?

Switchy allows you to customize, manage, and track retargeting links to increase conversions.

Effectively target everyone who clicks on your links with ultra-targeted ads on social media, Google Ads, and Quora.

As well as shorten, customize, and track your links to increase social media engagement, and create advanced bio links for social media. Switchy can help you improve your social media campaigns.

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Switchy is an alternative to Bitly, Rebrandly, and Linktree. That is perfect for Marketing agencies, content teams, e-commerce stores, and advertisers who really want to manage and track retargeting links.

Why Choose Switchy Lifetime Deal?

Switchy allows you to fully customize the link you want to share after you paste the long URL. And now you have scroll-stopping content for any of your social media channels, just like “snaps.”

Drag and drop your links into folders to keep them organized, and check their statistics whenever you want.

Click the Analytics button for any link to gather all of the information you’ll need to run a sophisticated campaign that converts clicks into customers.

Switchy tracks and captures your audience using pixels, and you don’t even need any technical skills to get started.

Why Choose Switchy Lifetime Deal

Switchy Amazing Features

Short links with retargeting pixels:

Track, capture, and retarget anyone who clicks on your links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Quora, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Increase the effectiveness of your advertisements and you’ll never share a link the same way again!

Customize your social media links:

With Switchy, you can change the appearance of a shared post on a social network in two clicks. Change the title, description, and image to make your links shine again and increase your CTR!

Retarget users that click with the Ads campaign:

Switchy can help you create hyper-targeted ad campaigns on your favorite platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, and others, to increase your conversion rate!

Get analytics reports in real-time:

On your dashboard, you can view real-time data on your links. Switchy provides detailed metrics such as click numbers, referrers, audience sources, and so on. AB testing, smart ads, and efficient campaigns are all possible!

GDPR & CCPA Compliance:

Add a Privacy opt-in pop-up to your retargeting links. Include your company name, website, and a link to your Privacy Policy. Allow your audience to accept or decline the Pixels and redirect them.

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Switchy Pricing Plans

If you want to buy Switchy from their website, you have to spend;

Switchy Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

What if you’re worried about how much money you spend on a monthly basis? Don’t worry, there’s an Appsumo lifetime deal available right now, and you can get the Switchy Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.

Switchy Appsumo Pricing Plan & Features

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo

Add retargeting pixels to any link in seconds, even those that redirect to third-party platforms where you cannot normally retarget users.

Furthermore, by running A/B tests and smart ads, you will have even more efficient campaigns.

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Final Thought

With Switchy, you can easily find your Pixel ID for each social channel, as well as retarget your audience with super-segmented ads with a few setting changes.

You’ll be able to catch and retarget anyone who clicks on your links on any Ad Platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, Bing, and so on.

So, What are you waiting for? Started better social media promotions with Switchy 60-Days FREE Trial Right Now!

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