SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Boost Your Conversion Rate Up to 25%!

Do you want to create a special website and social media, where you can gather customer testimonials with only one link?

Could you easily collect video or text testimonials from clients and distribute them on your website or social media marketing accounts?

Have you ever read customer reviews before buying something? The majority of people do. Conversion-boosting tools are almost certain to increase your sales.

Introducing: SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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Today, I’m excited to introduce SocialJuice – a simple method for gathering video testimonials from your customers that can increase your sales.

Collect and share testimonials.
Boost your conversion rate up to 25%!

SocialJuice is a simple tool to collect video testimonials or textual testimonials from your clients. Share them on social media or embed them on your website.
* All-in-one tool
* Boosts conversion
* Ups credibility

What Is SocialJuice?

SocialJuice is a simple tool that lets you get video testimonials or written testimonials from your customers. It’s easy to use. It’s good to share them on social media or place them on your website.

SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal is an alternative to Vocal Video and the best for online businesses and entrepreneurs who want to boost credibility and conversions with video testimonials, this is the best one for you.

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Why Choose SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

Written reviews are fine, but video reviews? The next level. It is so simple to gather video testimonials from pleased customers with SocialJuice. Simply direct them to your testimonial collecting page using a link or QR code. This website is completely customizable to match your brand.

Once your page is finished, start gathering feedback! SocialJuice was created to make your clients’ lives easier. When people get to your website, they’ll be guided through the process, so you get the best possible testimonies. Each form also has a “consent” option, which lets you use these testimonials wherever you want.

The feedback appears on your dashboard as it comes in. You may then share them with the world. These movies can be shared on social media, put on your website, or downloaded as high-quality files, depending on what you want to do with them.

SocialJuice Lifetime Deal Can Do For You

  • You may gather customer reviews from a dedicated page on your website.
  • Customize this page to reflect your company’s identity, including colors, text, and images.
  • Email, social media, or even SMS the link to the page to your customers.
  • Using a website that you can design with your brand’s colors, graphics, and text, you may collect customer testimonials.
  • For the sake of your company, record video testimonials from satisfied customers. Before you send it in, view it again.
  • Text testimonies may be collected via your website.
SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime DealCan Do For You
  • Allow users to revisit or re-record their testimonials before emailing them.
  • Each time a new testimonial is added, you’ll be notified by email.
  • Stream, download, embed or delete the videos.
  • The dashboard displays all of your testimonials, which you can share, embed or save.
  • Use a simple link to share the testimonials on the internet.
  • A scrollable carousel is a great way to display testimonials on your website.
  • Customize the style and feel of your embeddable carousel to better highlight your customers’ reviews.

SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Let us first consider augmented reality experiences of making a purchase from Appsumo.

  • SocialJuice Lifetime Access with 60day money-back guarantee
  • All future business Plan upgrades
  • Record video testimonials
  • Video hosting, Download videos
  • Capture customer information
  • Personalize your page, Multiple spaces
  • Templates, Dark or light mode
  • QR code generation
  • Customized thank you page with a call to action
  • Filtering testimonials for easy use
  • Testimonial submission email notifications
  • Collect profile images for the textual testimonial
  • Capture user lead info
  • GDPR Compliant, And More…

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SocialJuice Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

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SocialJuice’s favorite feature is the easy-to-embed carousel. It’s your own personal highlight reel of your customers’ praise! Simply copy the code and paste it into your webpage. Don’t worry. You may disable SocialJuice branding in settings.

Now that I’ve convinced you that SocialJuice is exactly what you need to collect client testimonials and drive conversions, it’s time to see it in action!

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