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Are you tired of trying video conferencing? You’re using other video conferencing platforms, but you can’t use them easily at all. No worries! To host a meeting, you need to install a desktop app and download a plug-in.

Introducing: sKreen Lifetime Deal

Imagine being able to create and host five distinct sorts of meetings, each with built-in monetization for selling memberships, all from your web browser, on the same platform that you use for your other business duties. Undoubtedly, that is a powerful tool!

What is sKreen?

With its white-label and monetization capabilities, sKreen is a web-based video conferencing platform that enables you to make video calling more accessible, easy and managed.

It allows you to communicate with an endless number of colleagues, customers, peers, and students.

Zoom and Google Meet are both alternatives to the screen.

Remote teams, content creators, and instructors would benefit from hosting live conferences and digital courses without the need to install the software.

The screen gives you access to a white-label platform with your company’s branding and a bespoke domain.

Let’s speak about its characteristics first, and then we’ll be able to come up with some suggestions.

sKreen Amazing Features

With sKreen, you may host a variety of meetings kinds with an infinite number of attendees. In five minutes, you can set up the app and start scheduling meetings.

Let’s have a look at some of sKreen’s features.

#1 Multiple Meeting Types: Hold five kinds of meetings: video, audio, podcast, live classes, and webinars.

sKreen Lifetime Deal conferance

#2 Host Controls: Meeting recording, whiteboard, screen sharing, raising the hand, and much more. You may easily change meeting settings to fit your security choices.

sKreen Lifetime Deal Host control

#3 Video Recording: sKreen allows you to record video meetings and preserve them online or on your device, then upload them anywhere you need them.

It also provides white-label functionality, allowing you to use video conferences to boost your brand’s visibility.

sKreen Lifetime Deal Video recording

#4 Unlimited Contact: This is a fantastic chance for you because it allows you to invite or add an unlimited number of people to your meeting.

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the size or quantity of your audience. Simply create an account on sKreen and host your online conference with ease.

sKreen Lifetime Deal unlimited contact

#5 White Labelling: White labeling options are available with sKreen, allowing you to expand your own brand marketing with video conferences.

You can host meetings on your own custom domain, allowing your brand to show brightly in front of the audience.

sKreen Lifetime Deal White labelling

#6 Sell Memberships: Customers can purchase memberships from you. Using monetization tools, you can charge users a membership fee for hosting the meeting on your site.

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sKreen Pricing Plans

sKreen is a completely secure, white-labeled solution for your next-level video conferencing.

There are 2 pricing options for sKreen:

Legendary and Professional.

$9/month for the Professional Plan:

  • 5 Users (hosts)
  • 200 Participants per meeting
  • Video Conference
  • Audio Conference
  • Live Classes
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Sell Memberships with Stripe, PayPal, and Paddle integrations
  • Custom Domain and Subdomain with SSL
  • Contacts and Segmentations for Invitations
  • Screen Sharing, Whiteboarding & Real-time file sharing
  • Audio, Video, and screen sharing Options
  • Live chat/real-time messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Quick Language Switcher
  • Email Notifications with Templates
  • Android & iOS PWA Apps
  • Whitelabel
  • Themes, colors, and styling options
  • Publicly Accessible or Private Meetings
  • Complete User Management System
  • Multiple Authentication Options

Legendary Plan $79/mo:

  • Includes All Professional Plans +
  • (Hosts) 50+ users
  • Unlimited Participants per meeting
  • Unlimited Live Video Recordings to Cloud or Device

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sKreen Lifetime Deal Right Now

sKreen Appsumo Deal Pricing

Using sKreen, you will get everything you need to host a professional and branded video conference with your potential audience.


  • sKreen Lifetime access to Legendary Plan
  • All future Legendary Plan updates
  • (Hosts) 50+ users
  • Full Whitelabel
  • Unlimited Participants per meeting
  • Unlimited Live Video Recordings to Cloud or Device

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Final Thoughts

Host multiple meeting types and share screens, whiteboard presentations, and more with sKreen.

White-label enables you to host meetings on your own custom domain in order to expand your branding.

Get the sKreen Lifetime Deal right now.

I hope this article was helpful to make it easier for you to decide why you should use sKreen.

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