SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69] | Best No Code Text Analysis Tool

Syncing your reports, data, and documents between multiple devices can be a hassle. In today’s digital world, there are a lot of tools available that can help you do this. Several companies are using different big data technologies to solve this problem.

SimpleX is an AI-powered smart console that helps you quickly analyze and sort text data, without coding.

SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features

SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features

  • Import Excel and CSV files, Export Excel, PDF, and PNG files
  • Keyword automatic extraction with keyword search
  • Content suggestions based on semantic similarity
  • Full-text search with multiple filters and semantic search
  • Charts: word clouds, treemaps, and bar charts
  • Personal tags, Assisted split of lengthy answers
  • AI-powered topic suggestion & AI-assisted automatic distribution across topics
  • 50 supported languages, Zapier integration (Beta)

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Today We’ll be focusing on how SimpleX can help you sync your data across multiple devices and manage your startup’s data.

SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal Overview

SimpleX – the AI-powered smart console that helps you quickly analyze and sort text data, without needing to code!

With SimpleX, you can quickly and easily make sense of large data sets, meaning you can spend more time on the important stuff!

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Why Choose SimpleX?

Using semantic AI, SimpleX makes it easy to quickly search, filter, sort, and compare hundreds of text answers. Text data from any spreadsheet can be imported quickly or with the help of a step-by-step assistant.

Using Zapier and Google integrations, it’s easy to connect to hundreds of apps and get customer feedback and survey data.

SimpleX can handle text data in 50 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and all European languages. You can also have keywords, sentiment analysis, and originality scores added to your data automatically.

By adding your own tags, you can make it easier and faster to find the information you need. You’ll find it easy to pull out useful information, whether you’re sorting employee feedback, looking for frequently used keywords, or finding quotes that have already been used.

You can also import team posts from meetings and white-boarding tools to keep track of the most important things you learned and what you should do next.

SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal

SimpleX employs NLP so you may search text data by meaning.

Choose one response and the platform will offer comparable survey answers, even if they’re in different terms or languages. You may also organize answers into specific subjects and obtain suggested answers and topics. SimpleX may organize the remaining replies depending on what you’ve done so far.

SimpleX provides you with everything you need to produce reports and make wiser decisions. Visualize insights using dynamic charts, word clouds, and subject treemaps. You may quickly retrieve typical lists of subjects, keywords, and detailed data. You may access all your prior data and get any quotation quickly.

SimpleX Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Dynamic charts, word clouds, and subject treemaps highlight critical information.

Manually analyzing text data may seem like working at Severance’s crazy firm. SimpleX’s semantic AI dives deeper into text data to help you make smarter choices.


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SimpleX is a unique tool that is perfect for any business. By using the smart console to see patterns or trends, you can make more informed decisions.

It also helps to easily sort and analyze text data, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours going through everything in a spreadsheet. As we said before, the SimpleX console is a powerful tool that makes analyzing data easier than ever before.

But you’ll have to click on the button below to find out what else SimpleX can do to help you get useful insights from your text data. Hurry up. Because this deal won’t last much longer.

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