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You outdid yourself by not spending another night manually entering data into a billion spreadsheets. Entering data alone isn’t enough.

So you must be able to show your team and stakeholders what you learned from the data so they can act on it.

Can you imagine automating the whole process using your IT stack’s tools?

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Sheetgo: The business process automation tool that helps you build custom workflows.

What Is Sheetgo?

The online data management platform Sheetgo allows you to automate your data management by creating unique processes that integrate apps such as Google Docs and Gmail.

The amazing thing about Sheetgo is how simple it is to use since it integrates with resources you already use on a daily basis, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Excel, and Dropbox.

Meet Angelina to Learn More About Sheetgo…

Sheetgo Appsumo lifetime deal alternative to Zapier, Coupler, & Integromat.

Perfect for: Managers and data analysts in small and medium-sized businesses that want to automate their business operations across several divisions.

Why Choose Sheetgo Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

If you wish to automate a ticketing system. Simply build a spreadsheet with the required fields, attach it to a form, and Sheetgo will automatically fill in all of the answers.

When you connect numerous sheets together and then configure the intelligent features to perform things like analyze data, produce documents, and even send emails.

Assume you get a support ticket using a form. The data is automatically transferred to a sheet, included in a report, and an email is sent to your IT person so he can resolve the problem. That is maximal efficiency right there.

Less SaaS, Better Your Business.

  • Easy-to-use automation – Easily automate whole processes across teams, departments, or industries, and manage your work from one location.
  • Cost-efficient – By transforming the tools you currently have into strong processes, you may save money on purchasing and learning new SaaS.
  • 10x more scalable – Create your own solution based on your individual demands in order to expand your operations as your company grows.

Automate your task. Simplify your life.

  • Connect And Process Spreadsheets: Easy automation, and sophisticated data processing. Connect and alter your files. Split, merge or filter your data without leaving the app.
  • Automate Data Input: Custom forms, dynamic results. Use spreadsheet data to build bespoke forms. Get real-time feedback on your sheet and dashboard.
  • Generate Docs & Send: Convert your data into hundreds of customized papers in minutes. Convert to PDF for convenient sharing and mass emailing.
  • Update, Share & Monitor: Wise transfers, and useful insights; Sync your data with Gmail to keep others informed. Collaborate, automate changes, and measure progress.

Sheetgo Can Do For You…

  • Sheetgo makes it simple to enter, edit, and share data.
  • Process your data to get relevant insights.
  • use smart tags to turn dynamic data into documents.
  • Utilisez la vue workflow pour visualiser vos custom processes et suivre vos données
  • Spreadsheet headings into form fields
  • Change the input type using Sheetgo Tags.
  • Create bespoke forms using spreadsheet data!
  • Automate workflow updates
  • Connect Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
  • Keep track of all custom workflows in Sheetgo.
  • Combine data from numerous sources to get insight
  • Data to Google Docs and PDF files.
  • Make a smart tag email template to deliver tailored mass emails
  • Get a dashboard for inventory management to track stock and checkout patterns.

Sheetgo Appsumo Deal Pricing & Features

Before Sheetgo pricing the first thing we need to do is think about the benefits of buying from Appsumo.

  • Lifetime Use Sheetgo with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All future Individual Plan Upgrades & GDPR Ready
  • Automatic updates up to once per hour
  • Automatic updates of all frequencies
  • 20+ prebuilt solutions
  • Merge, split, and filter data processing
  • Share workflows, Connect to BigQuery
  • Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, Google Docs, & Gmail integrations
  • Storage connections with Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, & Dropbox
  • With Barcode scanners in forms, and more…

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Final Thoughts

Lots of pre-built solutions from Sheetgo. Creating your own flows doesn’t take long.

Plus, Sheetgo has extensive instructions and automated schedules.

So you can maximize your platform’s features. Automation of business operations seems like a no-brainer for anybody looking to save time.

Take Sheetgo by clicking the link below.

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