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Video marketing has become a necessity for almost every business. It can help you stand out from your competition and convert more leads into customers.

However, video marketing can be difficult and time-consuming for small business owners.

This is a problem that the SendSpark is looking to solve by letting users create and edit personalized video content at scale.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what gives Sendspark a leg up on the competition and why you need to pay attention to it if you are interested in improving your email marketing.

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Sendspark Lifetime Deal Review

Marketers are always looking for ways to stand out and be memorable to their audience. One way to do that is to send video emails instead of just plain emails.

Sendspark is here to help with that. You can create, edit, and send personalized video emails to your lists at scale.

Whether it is email inboxes or social media feeds, personalized content is one of the most effective ways of making people remember you.

This is what Sendspark, a new Artificial Intelligence-powered technology is all about cutting through the noise and finding the right messages to your audience.

The Sendspark team is working on a bold mission to democratize personalization.

Why Choose Sendspark?

If you want your outreach to be successful, you need to humanize it. That means treating leads like VIPs, not just numbers on a list. The best way to do this is to create a repeatable process that you can follow for each lead.

Start by doing your research. Who are they? What do they care about? What are their pain points? Once you have a good understanding of who they are and what they want, you can start crafting your message.

Your message should be tailored to their specific needs and should make it clear that you understand their pain points. It should also include a call to action that speaks to their needs.

Finally, make sure to follow up. Thank them for their time, answer any questions they may have, and keep the conversation going.

The more you can treat them like a VIP, the more likely you are to succeed. But all this you can do effortlessly with Sendspark.

Sendspark Review

Easily Record Custom Videos

To break through the noise and develop a human connection, create bespoke movies to share with your customers and prospects.

Scale by combining with pre-recorded footage.

You don’t have to repeat yourself; just record the personalized introduction and weave it into an existing product demo or instructional.

Make your thumbnails stand out by personalizing them.

Personalize and relevancy may be delivered at scale by automatically customizing the video experience for each viewer.

Create genuine relationships

Increase your sales funnel, finish deals quicker, and provide a better overall experience!

You may go everywhere you wish!

Send films in the sales and marketing channels you currently use and like to get immediate results.

Sendspark Review

Key Features

  • Record videos directly from the Chrome extension.
  • Share videos on Gmail, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
  • Combine a custom intro with existing videos.
  • Create several workspaces for groups.
  • Share video material on a unique landing page.
  • Dynamic variables personalize video thumbnails and landing page content.
  • Under your video, put a CTA button.
  • Add your favicon, logo, and subdomain to the landing page.
  • You can also use Sendspark’s branding to earn a commission when a visitor joins up.

Sendspark Pricing Plan & Coupon Code

Sendspark offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. This is the best way for tinkerers and amateurs to get started with video messaging.

FREE Plan – $0

  • 30-free-videos
  • Screen capture (no length limit)
  • 100+ manual integrations (Gmail, LinkedIn)
Sign Up for FREE!

Pro Plan – $15/Month

  • Unlimited videos
  • Your logo and brand colors
  • Automatic video personalization
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Video analytics

Whitelabel ($49/workspace/month)

  • Remove Sendspark branding
  • Custom domain (i.e. video.yoursite.com)
  • Your own favicon

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Started with Pro Plan!

Business Plan – $29.80/Month

  • Team analytics dashboard
  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • Comprehensive team training
  • Ongoing customer success
  • SSO / SAML
  • Priority feature requests
  • Early access to new features
  • Custom terms and service
  • API access (on request)
  • Minimum of 5 users

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Started With Business Plan!

SendSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan


Sendspark is an email marketing tool that allows you to create and send beautiful, personalized emails to your customers and prospects.

With Sendspark, you can easily add images, videos, and other rich media to your emails to make them more engaging and visually appealing.

Plus, Sendspark’s powerful email tracking and reporting features give you insights into who is opening and clicking through your emails, so you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, Sendspark has a pricing plan that’s right for you.

So why not give them a try today and see how they can help you take your email marketing to the next level?

We hope that this blog post has helped you better understand what Sendspark can do for your business, and if you have any additional questions, please contact me anytime at.

We always love hearing from our readers, and we’re excited that you’ve decided to join our community.

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