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Data privacy has become a growing concern for individuals and organizations in today’s digital age.

With the increase in cyber threats and data breaches, protecting personal data and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations have become crucial.

Introducing: Seers Lifetime Deal On Appsumo.

A data privacy and consent management platform designed to make compliance with laws more accessible and efficient.

With a wide range of compliance tools, Seers helps businesses and organizations safeguard personal data, manage consent, and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

In this blog, we’ll look closer at Seers and how it can help you protect personal data and comply with data protection regulations.

What are Seers?

Seers is a data privacy and consent management platform with a comprehensive set of compliance tools that makes it simple to comply with data protection rules.

Seers’ creators set out on a mission to centralize all of your data compliance requirements.

They wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to protect your company from significant fines and legal action, so they gathered three critical tools for you.

Cookie Consent Management is the first. This feature allows you to add a popup to your website using code or native integrations linked to WordPress, Shopify, or other major web platforms.

Seers Lifetime Deal is an alternative to OneTrust and Secure Privacy. That is perfect for site owners and app developers who want to simplify data privacy and consent management.

Why Choose Seers Lifetime Deal?

Seers popup alerts visitors to the presence of cookies and allows them to accept, disable, or read more about your policy. You have complete control over what happens with this popup, how it appears on your website, and even the branding.

So the government is pleased that you are abiding by the rules. Your website visitors appreciate the fact that you are trustworthy and open. And you’re relieved because you won’t be going to jail. Everyone wins easily.

Seers’ second key feature is a staff e-training solution. Essentially, you will receive an online, interactive, module-based course that will assist you in training your staff on GDPR and certifying them through the platform.

You can evaluate conversions and collect data without violating GDPR (GTM) using Google Analytics, Ads, and Tag Manager.

Google is in charge of consent management for all Google services. Plug-and-play compliance The consent for all Google services is managed by sustainable internet revenue, and ads in this context are based on anonymous data.

Access to age-sensitive areas of the website is restricted to minors under a specific age.

  • The design and code of conduct of the ICO are age-appropriate.
  • Calculating the ages of children in an intelligent manner
  • Reporting and a central dashboard
  • Designing Privacy.
  • In 3 Minutes, you’ll be GDPR-compliant.

But why use Seers to guarantee a website’s compliance with data protection regulations? So let’s take a look at the features!

Seers Amazing Feature Solutions

Scan your website and automatically detect privacy risks associated with categorizing cookies and other tracking technologies.

Seers Lifetime Deal Amazing Feature Solutions

With the world’s #1 Cookie Consent Banner, Seers allows clients to gain trust and become compliant. Over 50,000 enterprises use seers CMP to comply with GDPR, PECR, CCPA, and LGPD requirements.

Simply install and modify the cookie banner, then use its primary features to handle consents.

  • Cookies and other trackers are automatically blocked.
  • Install time: 3 minutes
  • Cookie policy updates on their own
  • Scanners and analytic reports are performed regularly.
  • Design, 30+ languages, and geolocation are all fully customizable.
  • Management of Child Privacy Consent
  • Integrations of Webhooks and Consent

Assessments & Certifications

GDPR Checklist: Compliance with the GDPR should be properly evaluated and validated. A solution based on artificial intelligence Determines your flaws and gaps.

  • 15 modules were evaluated.
  • Find your flaws and get some advice.
  • Certification of GDPR compliance.
  • Checklist to ensure full compliance

PECR Audit: An artificial intelligence system for determining compliance with Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

  • Discover the dangers and flaws in your system.
  • Find your flaws and get some advice.
  • Checklist to ensure full compliance
  • Make a gap analysis.

Cyber Secure:

Maintain your cyber security by guarding against the most common cyber threats.

  • Provide risk evaluation
  • It covers physical and environmental protection.
  • Implement data protection practices.
  • Secure configuration advice.
  • Discover your flaws and get recommendations.

GDPR Staff E-Training: You can quickly develop your employees on GDPR and demonstrate compliance. Online teaching with certificates

  • GDPR Staff e-Training Online
  • It takes only 45 minutes to demonstrate compliance.
  • Four training modules
  • Get tested and certified.

DPIA: Assess and address your privacy concerns. Evaluate and document the impact of a new project.

GDPR Art 35, 36, and 39 of the GDPR

  • Project risks must be identified and mitigated.
  • Allow yourself to act to eliminate the risks.
  • Simplify and streamline data processing operations.
  • Understand the risks and the actions that must be taken.
  • Make a record of all processing activities.
  • Ascertain GDPR compliance.


Data Privacy Experts: Hiring a privacy expert and delegating your GDPR responsibilities to them is an excellent place to start.

  • There are 120 experts to choose from.
  • It is inexpensive, efficient, and straightforward.
  • Experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Outstanding GDPR tools and guidance.
  • Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation.

EU & UK Representative: To manage data compliance in Europe, quickly establish an EU & UK Representative.

  • Assume the responsibilities of your EU and UK Data Protection Representatives.
  • The first point of contact handles complaints.
  • At least 20 EU member states.
  • Consultation is free for 30 minutes.

Documentation & Policies

Policy Pack: Every data protection and privacy policy that your organization requires

  • Designed by UK Expert Lawyers
  • It is simple to set up and completely customizable.
  • Select the appropriate policy.
  • Customize and enter your information.
  • 100+ policies: data privacy, human resources, corporate, etc.
  • Pay off one insurance policy at a time.

Templates Pack: With our simple Privacy Templates, you can create your own data processing solutions.

  • expertly constructed by lawyers
  • All of the data security and privacy templates
  • All formats are available (excel, pdf, etc.)
  • Simple to use Privacy templates that you can make yourself.

Privacy Ops

Manage Data Subjects using Seers: Final system for managing the complete Data Subject Request process, including request, validation, search, redaction, and delivery.

GDPR Art 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 must all be followed.

  • Forms for requesting access that can be customized are available.
  • orchestration/workflow of the entire process
  • SAR requests are gathered, reviewed, and managed.
  • Reports on tasks and activities that are generated automatically.
  • Control panel in the middle.
  • Administration for several users and departments

Breach Management: It aids in managing occurrences, task automation, and record-keeping for compliance and notification.

GDPR Art 13, 14, 33(5), and 87

  • Keep track of and log breaches, as well as respond to them.
  • Connect your current systems to the central repository.
  • Investigate, automate, and enlist the help of the appropriate individuals.
  • Reports have been assigned to Auto Tickets based on notifications about use cases.
  • DPIA should be integrated.

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Seers Pricing Plans

If you want to buy Seers from their website, there are four different plans – you have to access the free plan, but we know that everything has a limit in the free program.

If you want to take a premium plan, spend; £6.99/month for the basic, £12.99/month for pro+ & £24.99/month for the ultimate plan. You can understand it better by seeing the picture below…

Seers Lifetime Deal Pricing Plans

What if you’re worried about how much money you spend every month? Don’t worry, an Appsumo lifetime deal is available right now, and you can get the Seers Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.

Seers Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what your benefits are when you buy from Appsumo.

  • Seers are available to you for the rest of your life.
  • All future Pro Plan updates will be GDPR compliant, and all plans will have GDPR compliance features.
  • Customization and branding with your own logo are available.
  • Table of cookie declarations
  • Geographical places include the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.
  • Database and cookie policy
  • There are presently 30 languages accessible, with more on the way. released
  • Banner of the CCPA Prior consent log Scan report (full version), Consent log Scan report
  • Integrations that are adaptable Frequency of domain scans
  • Script management, subdomains
  • IAB TCF 2.0 and Google consent mode,
  • and more…
Seers Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing Plans

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Final Thought

The seer’s Policies pack also provides crucial compliance policy templates.

This policy generator has fill-in-the-blanks for everything from CCTV to data protection to mobile app privacy and works-from-home policies.

Seers Lifetime Deal is fully compliant, created by real-life lawyers, and will cover your butt if anything ever goes down.

That’s all there is to it! Seers are the best choice for comprehensive coverage of all aspects of web privacy.

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