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You should be able to find your digital assets even if life is like a box of chocolates because they should be easy to find. Because you’ve looked through folders, looked through your inbox, and tried to think of a file name.

Wouldn’t it be great if a tool could store all of your media files and find an asset with just one search?

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Picvario – The AI-enhanced digital media management platform.

What Is Picvario?

Picvario is a digital asset management application that simplifies file storage using enhanced search, artificial intelligence, and API interfaces.

You manage your complete digital asset library from a single platform thanks to integrations with Amazon S3, Microsoft Asure, and DropBox.

You can discover any file in seconds with searchable tags, categories, and collections, as well as face recognition for detail-rich data.

Picvario is an alternative to Canto.

Perfect for:

Marketing teams, photographers, and designers seek a better way to store and organize digital files.

Why Choose Picvario?

Remember uploading photos to the original Facebook or MySpace?

But Picvario isn’t like that.

Why Choose Picvario Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Drag and drop assets directly into your collection. You may also import photographs from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Organize your assets with collections, taxonomies, and sub-categories.

Picvario’s AI-enhanced search makes finding your assets a breeze. If the basic search doesn’t yield results, try the advanced search to narrow your search.

Picvario looks at different parts of your assets and takes the best pictures for you in just a few seconds. That means more time for creativity and less time sifting through files. Forget about asking whether anyone knows where a particular photograph is saved.

To share a file with a customer or colleague, go to “sharing options” and configure the privacy and access settings.

What are The Benefits Of Picvario

  • Picvario makes it simple to upload your files and find them afterward. Searching for files is much simpler.
  • With the help of the Elastic Search Engine, you can discover information rapidly.
  • Build search phrases that are even more precise. You have the option of categorizing your assets into collections.
  • The Elastic Search tool allows you to discover the correct files in a single search, saving you time.
  • increases the amount of detail-rich information available, such as age, sentiment, and gender
  • File names and descriptions may be translated into hundreds of different languages.
  • Custom taxons can be used to find files connected to one another quickly.
Picvario Appsumo Lifetime Deal
  • You may access any content or collection using a shared link.
  • The user may also customize the Open Graph markup in Picvario.
  • Custom URLs and embeddable HTML snippets make it simple to distribute assets.
  • Use FTP or Google Drive to connect to external storage services such as Amazon S3, FTP, and Google Drive.
  • Picvario may be used as a centralized repository for your whole organization.
  • Connect to various external storage solutions to consolidate and organize your media files.

Appsumo Picvario Pricing Plan

Appsumo Terms:

  • Picvario Lifetime Access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Updating All future Medium Team Plan
  • You have 60 days to use your code(s).
  • Upgrade/downgrade between three licensing levels
  • Only new Picvario users with no prior accounts

Feature Benefits

  • Sign in to Picvario/Google Workspace
  • Active Directory is a type of directory service.
  • Several Google Drive, S3, or FTP storage
  • Face recognition
  • Taxonomy
  • Individual branding

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Good asset management brings more order. Search artificial intelligence and API! Now You only need a key-finding system.

Picvario organizes your digital collection with innovative features like Elastic Search, filters, and facial recognition. Organize your digital assets with Picvario…

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