MyAlice Lifetime Deal Review – The Most Effective e-Commerce Help-desk Solutions In 2022

Introducing: MyAlice Lifetime Deal On Appsumo.

Your online shop is growing, but concerns include products, delivery, refunds, and exchanges.

To manage the client experience across various channels is a futile endeavor. Your brand, reputation, and growth will suffer if you do not reply to messages.

  • Can you clone your customer service staff?
  • Is it fair to ask them to work 25 hours a day?
  • But shouldn’t you utilize MyAlice to help everyone?

Today, I’m excited to talk about MyAlice – This platform centralizes your CX and helps you convert more visitors into repeat customers.

What is MyAlice?

MyAlice enables you to create the best eCommerce helpdesk by allowing you to manage orders and personalize customer support discussions across many channels from a single interface. In one inbox, you can manage both customer support communications and eCommerce orders. Customers’ inquiries may be answered automatically, and important data can be sent to your support employees in real-time.

MyAlice is an alternative to Gorgias and FreshDesk that is perfect for Retail and eCommerce businesses that want to consolidate their customer experience and increase conversions may consider using Conversion.

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Why Choose MyAlice Lifetime Deal?

Connecting your current communication channels to MyAlice is the simplest way to get started with the service. When the MyAlice team designed this software, they had you in mind, which means you have connectors with almost every network you could possibly use with your store: your eCommerce platform; Facebook Messenger; Instagram; Telegram; WhatsApp… Given the length of the list, I won’t mention every item, but you seem to have covered almost all of your bases.

The moment your integrations are in place, your whole shop becomes centralized. The ability to approve order updates and refunds, access all of the customer information your agents will need from the CRM system, and even get a sneak peek into a customer’s interaction data so you can see what they’ve looked at, added to their cart, and purchased to assist your team in upselling even more products are all available to you. In order to better grasp it, let’s have a look at its features.

MyAlice Amazing Features

Everything you need is in one convenient location. MyAlice all-in-one customer support platform, which includes everything from live chat to social messaging, ticketing to automation, is ideal for fueling growing organizations like yours.

MyAlice Lifetime Deal Amazing Features

Discover All of Your Customers’ Channels in One Inbox
  • A live chat widget on your website may engage consumers and personalize their shopping experience.
  • A single inbox for all messages, comments, and orders.
  • Facebook Messenger: Manage orders faster from your email with customers and order data at hand.
  • Save time by automating common answers to page comments and mentions from MyAlice’s inbox.
  • Instagram Messenger: Manage all Instagram direct interactions and orders with your team from one inbox.
  • Respond to all Instagram comments and mentions from a single inbox.
  • Manage WhatsApp messages, push notifications, and client questions.
  • Send push notifications, handle orders, and automate customer inquiries with Viber.
  • Manage messages and orders, send push notifications, and automate customer care.
  • Engage online, manage messages and orders, send push notifications, and automate customer service.
  • Add a chat widget to your mobile app to help customers and collect feedback.
Manage Orders Without Changing Tabs
  • MyAlice now supports Shopify integration, allowing you to display user details and purchase history next to each ticket.
  • In MyAlice, you may link your inventory and see user and purchase history next to each ticket.
  • To get tailored service, search and examine your purchase history inside your email. Connect consumers to your e-commerce inventory in real-time.
  • Orders may be created, updated, or refunded directly from your mailbox without leaving the dashboard.
  • Get a quick overview of your clients’ LTV, average basket size, order frequency, and more.
  • Recover abandoned carts by tracking product interactions.
Automate Workflows and User Journeys
  • No-code Automate the whole user experience with intelligent chatbots.
  • Translate phrases, words, or intentions into several languages via NLP.
  • Automate up to 60% of your most frequent customer inquiries using keywords, NLPs, and rules. You’ll save time and money.
  • Connect to w.ai and train your NLP there. Process every data with wit and MyAlice automation.
  • Connect to your system’s backend and sync data.
  • Let chatbots answer inquiries and create leads while you follow up and complete the transaction.
Smart Ticketing for Productive Teams
  • Automatic ticket distribution based on agent availability, time, tags, and priority.
  • Collaborate easily by assigning tickets to other agents or teams.
  • Organize tickets by utilizing filters to sort by status (pending/resolved), channel, tags, and agents.
  • Change the status of communication by adding a tag to it, such as “refund” or “order complete”.
  • Assign and maintain customer characteristics to filter customers in the future.
  • Complete visibility; know who is handling which client; one ticket per agent.
Deliver Amazing Real-Time Data Experiences
  • Customer Data: Manage your customers’ data from one dashboard.
  • Manage your support crew and obtain individual productivity data.
  • Ticket Metrics: Track each ticket information and overall response rate.
  • Connect your Shopify or WooCommerce shop to MyAlice for sales and conversion data.
  • Set rules to automatically gather user ratings and feedback.
  • Export data in a spreadsheet: Export customer information, ticket data, and customer ratings.

Get MyAlice Lifetime Deal Access Right Now

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MyAlice Lifetime Deal has been selected by the most customer-focused businesses

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MyAlice Pricing Plans

If you want to buy MyAlice from their website, then you have to spend; $15/mo for Kickstarter, $50/mo for Startup, $300/mo for Business & Enterprise plan Is a custom plan, so talk to them about it. Check out their plans below…

MyAlice Lifetime Deal Pricing Plans

What if you’re worried about your monthly budget? Don’t worry, Appsumo has a lifetime offer on MyAlice right now.

MyAlice Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo?

  • MyAlice lifetime access.
  • Unlimited channels.
  • Custom branding.
  • Updates all future business plans
  • Simply pick the package that best suits your needs.
  • You have 60 days from purchase to activate your license.
  • This feature allows users to choose between five licensing levels.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Take Advantage of a Lifetime Access to $69.00 | $600.00

Select the Appsumo offer of your choosing from the picture below.

MyAlice Lifetime Deal Appsumo Pricing Plan

Get MyAlice Lifetime Deal Access Right Now

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Final Thought

MyAlice It’s time to start building your first automation sequences!

You can add automation to handle typical situations like purchases, refunds, and support inquiries. You may tailor each automaton to your target demographic. You may also communicate with text, media, and gather user data inside the sequences themselves.

Your analytics dashboard is free with MyAlice, so you can keep track of your metrics.

That’s all. Why wait? Grab MyAlice right now and start developing your company with customer service automation.

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