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A self-serve knowledge base is a powerful tool for SaaS companies of all sizes. It helps your customers answer their own questions and ensures they can find the answers they need on your platform.

But setting one up can be tricky and time-consuming. Minerva makes it easy to get a self-serve knowledge base up and running in your SaaS platform.

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Minerva Lifetime Deal Overview

Minerva makes it easy for you to create a self-serve knowledge base for your users. With Minerva, you can easily create and manage your knowledge base directly within your SaaS product.

This makes it easy for your users to find the answers they need when they need them. With Minerva, you can also customize your knowledge base to match your branding and style.

What exactly is Minerva?

A typical SaaS company spends tens of thousands of dollars each year on how-to videos, FAQ sites, and interactive tutorials.

Worse, your product evolves so rapidly that you’re either continually developing new guidelines or your existing ones are out of the current and deceiving your consumers.


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☞ Knowledge Base for Artificial Intelligence

The documentation is generated for you based on the most popular user journeys through your product.

Guides that are interactive

Do you want to offer something unique? Minerva allows you to quickly develop in-app instructions.

Screenshots are taken automatically

Each Minerva guide includes screenshots that show your customers precisely what they need to accomplish.

Videos that Move

AI-generated films will let your customer education staff focus on a strong curriculum rather than mundane activities.


Minerva Saves You Time, Effort, and Dollars

Organizations that use Minerva benefit in many ways. For one, Minerva saves time by automating tasks that would otherwise be manual and time-consuming.

This includes tasks like data entry, scheduling, and reminders. Additionally, Minerva requires less effort to use than most other software platforms, meaning that employees can be more productive with their time.

Finally, Minerva is very affordable, often costing organizations less than other software platforms. These are just a couple of the ways we’ve seen organizations benefit from using Minerva.

Customer Satisfaction

Make it easy for your clients to get customized educational content.

Product Management

You can make in-product walkthroughs in seconds without bothering your Engineering team.

Revenue Operations

With personalized content, you can make customized product demos and close more trials.

Minerva makes customer education a snap.

Capture a Workflow

Install our browser extension, and you can quickly make guides anywhere. Each guide comes with:

  • Interactive step-by-step instructions on the screen
  • FAQ pages with screenshots that can be embedded
  • AI-generated demo videos

Customize Your Content

Customize your experience by changing the text, removing sensitive information from screenshots, and controlling who can see your guides.

Share Your Guide

Put your guides right into support documents, FAQ pages, or share a link!

Collaborate With Others

Invite your team and clients to a knowledge base where you can organize, curate, and make guides together, all in one place!

Minerva Lifetime Deal

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Appsumo Minerva Pricing Plan

License Tier #1 – Lifetime Access of $69 | $1,188

  • All features above included
  • Up to 3 private groups
  • 50 members per group
  • Unlimited guides
  • Unlimited guidebooks

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License Tier #2 Lifetime Access of $139 | $3,564

  • All features above included
  • Up to 10 private groups
  • 100 members per group
  • Unlimited guides
  • Unlimited guidebooks
  • SDK (customizable)
  • Remove Minerva logo
  • Upload your logo
  • Custom branding options
  • Unlimited SDK users

Get Minerva Lifetime Deal $139 with 10% off!

Final Thought

Minerva is a knowledge base platform that was created to be used by companies of all sizes. It allows users to create articles, FAQs, and even integrations with apps like Salesforce.

It has a flexible pricing model that allows you to choose between monthly and annual pricing, but their Appsumo gives you a Lifetime Deal right now! and it’s easy to get started.

So, You can start creating your knowledge base on Minerva in 60 days to get your money back. Give it two months to see if it works for you.

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