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You want to build a custom CRM for your company but don’t know how to code or don’t have the time to do so. Am I Right?

Workflow automation software is critical to the smooth operation of your business. But finding the right one is more difficult than finding The Rock’s biceps. That is why people adore Macanta.

Appsumo’s Macanta Lifetime Deal

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Today, I’m talking about Macanta – a custom workflow automation platform that can save your team up to 120 hours a week. Macanta can be used to make your business run more smoothly.

What is Macanta?

Macanta is a robust no-code solution that can be used as a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) and process automation system for any company purpose.

Macanta makes it easy to create unique procedures that are perfectly tailored to the way you conduct your company, and it provides you with the most valuable resource of all: time. It allows you to reclaim your time.

So, Create your workflow boards, which will serve as a central repository for all of your products, keeping them organized and accessible. For more information, watch the video below…

Macanta’s alternative to Salesforce & is most suitable for Lawyers, Accountants, and Real Estate Organizations that want to manage and automate their operations as rapidly as possible.

Why Choose Macanta Lifetime Deal?

Imagine you have a CRM board. You have all of the pertinent information for each of the opportunities. You may move the goods through the phases of your sales cycle and even hop right into the contacts to alter them without leaving this dashboard.

With one exception, you may design boards for any of your processes. Your creativity As you may see, this already makes things a lot easier for your staff.

But Macanta doesn’t stop there. Each member of your team also receives a Contact View dashboard that centralizes all of their notes, all of the data they need for their job, and any other information you want them to have access to.

Again, everything is completely customizable so that you may supplement your current procedures while saving time.

What Can You Do With Macanta?

➲ Data Objects – Create distinct data objects that represent all of your company’s information.

➲ Relationships – Your employees’ relationships with the data they gather vary. Maintain proper relationships in your CRM.

➲ Automation Engine – An highly intuitive but powerful automation engine comprised of just the components required by your company.

➲ Contact Notes and Tasks – Apply notes to contacts to keep track of their progress. Assign tasks to team members based on their state.

➲ Advanced Search – Not only can you search for people and emails, but you can search for any feature of your organization.

➲ Dashboard Widgets- Create unique Dashboards for users to help them understand what needs to be done, and for you to see crucial data points in your organization.

➲ Workflow Boards – Create and access a Kanban-style board to track corporate progress and operations. Create Unlimited boards.

➲ Custom Interface Layout – You have total control over the fields, field kinds, sections, and subsections that make up your CRM interface when you construct Data Objects to match your company’s data.

➲ Macanta Queries – Create basic or complicated saved searches for quick access to desired data segments.

➲ Inline Editing – You can change and update data from a Macanta Query without having to visit each contact individually.

➲ Trigger Conditions – The Macanta Automation Engines If This component. You control the circumstances under which any automated process or action is initiated.

➲ Trigger Actions – The Macanta Automation Engine’s “Then That” logic. In addition, you may add a ‘payload’ of any other Macanta Action – webhooks, SMS messages, emails, etc.

➲ Webhook Actions – Send data from Macanta to any third-party system or tool that has an open API.

➲ Email Actions – Fully automated emails built using a drag-and-drop editor.

➲ Field Actions – Calculate and manipulate data in your system.

➲ Contact Actions – Automate Notes or Tasks.

➲ User Permission Templates – Create user permissions for various job positions. When a new member joins, a simple click grants them the appropriate rights.

➲ Open API – Macanta is a good guy. You may connect Macanta CRM to any API-enabled system.

➲ Branding – You’re building a CRM. Customize the UI to fit your brand colors.

➲ SMS/Text – Send automatic or individual SMS/Text messages to contacts or groups of contacts.

➲ Transparent Data History – Easy access to data history, including automation, data, and relationship history.

If You Learn More About Macanta Features? Go Here…


Macanta Pricing Plan

If you want to buy Macanta from their website, you have to spend; £59 Per Active User Per Month.

If you’re worried about how much money you spend each month, what should you do? Check out Appsumo right now, and you can get Appsumo’s Macanta Lifetime Deal👍

Macanta Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

First, let’s go over the advantages of purchasing from Appsumo…

  • Lifetime access to Macanta
  • Updating all the feature plan
  • Upgrading or downgrading between 5 license levels
  • Regulated by GDPR
  • Make your own data objects and connections.
  • Automation engine with if-this-then-that logic
  • Contacts are limitless.
  • Notes and tasks for contacts
  • Advanced lookup
  • Macanta searches, dashboard widgets, and workflow boards
  • In-line editing and a custom interface layout
  • Conditions and activities that set off the trigger
  • Actions performed by webhooks
  • Actions on email, fields, and contacts
  • Templates for user permissions at the agency level
  • Create your own user guides within the UI.
  • API access is free and there are no limits to how many times you can use it.
  • Zapier and Integrated integrations
  • Any country can send and receive SMS messages
  • Add your logo and colors to personalize the look.
  • Data history that is transparent
  • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee

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Final Thought

You can use Macanta, which is a custom solution that doesn’t require you to know how to write code or pay for expensive experts.

Create a unique customer relationship management system to run your business with ease.

You require a solution that is customized to meet your individual needs and requirements. Get Macanta Lifetime Deal for the rest of your life!

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