Live2.Social Lifetime Deal | Best Streaming App 2023

Live2.Social is a multi-camera streaming app that lets you turn several smart devices into cameras and stream live to social media.

This blog will look at the most important features of this multi-camera best streaming app.

Live2.Social Lifetime Deal

Live2.Social Deal Features

  • Unlimited streaming destinations at a time
  • Unlimited streaming destinations per social platform
  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and custom RTMP
  • Limitless multi-streaming to all of your accounts
  • Live comments from social media accounts (Facebook chat)
  • No Live2.Social watermark in your streams
  • Video file recording
  • Add images, text, and lower thirds in live video
  • Add sound effects in live video
  • Multi-view combination templates

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Today we’re talking about Live2.Social – the multi-camera live-streaming app for your smartphone and tablet.

Live2.Social Lifetime Deal Overview

Live2.Social is a multi-camera streaming app that lets you turn several smart devices into cameras and stream live to social media.

It’s perfect for events like concerts, conferences, and sports games where you want to capture all the action from multiple angles. You can also use it to Livestream your own life to friends and family, or to the world.

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The World’s First Multi-Camera Streaming App for Live Streaming Production with Smartphones

Live2.Social is a revolutionary app that allows you to stream live on your smartphone with the best quality possible. They are the world’s first multi-camera streaming app for live streaming production with smartphones.

This is a lifetime deal that will give you access to Live2.Social premium features and content are in exchange for a one-time fee of $79.

Lifetime access to Live2.Social’s premium features and content – Unlimited storage of all videos, photos, and recordings made using Live2.Social – Unlimited uploads of videos and photos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more!

So if you’re looking for multi-camera streaming from your smart device? Try Live2.Social today!
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The Best Streaming App

You are in charge of running the live show? Get the Live2.Social app on your tablet or phone.

Live2.Social Lifetime Deal
Live2.Social Lifetime Deal>

Smart devices are becoming wireless.

The Smartphones will connect to the tablet automatically through WiFi. If you are a guest, just enter the code to connect via LTE.

Live2.Social Lifetime Deal

One Click and you Go Live!

It’s time to go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and your OTTT all at the same time. Or, record where you are and send it later.

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You might have to film that one yourself. And if you’re used to filming, you’ll be glad to know that with Live2.Social, you won’t have nearly as many technical problems.

This is because the operational dashboard is simple, easy to understand, and hard to mess up. Check out how easy it is to manage your sources and stream them right away to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitch all from this one app.

You don’t need any extra software to save files locally, connect to an RTMP, share on TikTok, or respond to comments on social media.

Can you stream 7 or more cameras easily from your phone or tablet? Get on Live2.Social right now!

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