Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal At [$59] Only | Improves Your Lead Generation with Best Auto-Preview Links

You’ve put a lot of useful information on your site, so it’s no surprise that all the links on it can be distracting.

Adding links to your website can help your SEO, but the extra traffic won’t help you if people leave your page as soon as they get there.

If only there was a way to see what links lead to so that people wouldn’t have to switch between tabs or leave your site.

Meet Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal; to make it work.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal – the tool that Improves Your Lead Generation with the Best Auto-Preview Links on your site to keep visitors from bouncing. Watch The Video & Meet with Jay to learn more about Linkz.ai

Linkz.ai is an alternative to ezLinkPreview, Peeklink, and Owlskip.

Linkz.ai Overview

Linkz.ai adds link preview pop-ups automatically, so people can see what links lead to and interact with them without leaving your website. by using Linkz.ai It automatically adds link preview pop-ups to your website or blog to lower the number of people who leave right away.

You can show rich media content with a smart preview when the mouse is over it or when the user clicks on it. Simply to keep people on your website or blog, the best thing about Linkz.ai is how easy it is to set up.

Type in your website, and then copy and paste a line of code they give you into the body> tag on your pages. Then, check out any page on your site that has links, and you’re done. Just like that, you have previews for your links so that people can look at content without leaving your site.

Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal

Who Needs Linkz.ai?

If you’re a blogger, content creator, or content marketer interested in using link previews to keep your readers on your website, Then you should use Linkz.ai.

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Why Should You Choose Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal?

You may use Linkz.ai on any platform! You name it: WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, etc. Linkz.ai’s ability to automatically present you with two distinct sorts of link previews is without a doubt the best feature of the service.

👉 The Immersive Experience

YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and other media-related sites are included here. When a user clicks on a link, they are presented with a media embed overlay. After closing it, they’re back where they began. Now there aren’t any more misplaced guests.

👉Smart Preview Popup

The Smart Preview Popup is the second sort of link preview. When a visitor hovers over a link, they appear and launch a new tab if clicked. Here you can find links to more conventional stuff.

Using a preview, users can see what the link is about without having to leave your website and click on it. The link previews are all mobile-friendly and show promptly. And they won’t add even a single millisecond to the time it takes for your website to load!

Linkz.ai Expected Benefits

Linkz.ai creates mobile-friendly hyperlink previews for all of your website’s links automatically. In the future, your site visitors won’t have to open a number of extra browser windows only to see and interact with multimedia content like video and music. While reading a blog or a PDF, readers may see any related information without having to open several tabs.

👉 Longer Visitor Engagement

Increased user session time, decreased bounced visitors, and decreased departure rates are all a result of Linkz.ai’s utilization of websites.

👉 Better SEO Rankings

Linking is a big deal for search engines. Don’t worry about people clicking and abandoning your website since immersive link previews will keep an eye on the number of links you add.

👉 Superior User Experience

Link previews provide your website’s users quick access to the context of a particular issue exactly where they are looking for it: on your page.

👉 Faster Website Loading

Really? Yes! Using immersive link previews instead of embedding YouTube, Slideshare, and Twitter videos result in an instant increase in loading performance.

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Linkz.ai Appsumo Pricing Plan

Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal License Tier #1 –  $59.00 | $240.00

  • Save $181 Right Now!
  • All features above included
  • 20,000 unique link previews per month
  • Unlimited domains

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Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal License Tier #2 –  $129.00 | $600.00
  • Save $471 Right Now!
  • All features above included
  • 100,000 unique link previews per month
  • Unlimited domains
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Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal License Tier #3 –  $199.00 | $1080.00

  • Save $881 Right Now!
  • All features above included
  • 250,000 unique link previews per month
  • Unlimited domains
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Final Verdict

Linkz.ai also gives you analytics so you can see how many times your links are previewed and figure out which ones are the most popular. So, that’s all. Linkz.ai has everything you need to lower the number of people who leave your website right away.

Click the link in the description below to find out everything you need to know about this software. But be quick. This deal won’t last much longer.

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