Leanbe Lifetime Deal Review [Get 60-Day FREE Trial]

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Are you a member of the product management group?

Looking for a simple approach to developing data-driven and user-oriented products?

Do you want to get user feedback and feature requests from a lot of different places and put them all together on one platform so you can see them all?

Would you want to use upvoted results and AI analysis to study and choose what to create next?

Using Leanbe customer feedback and a product roadmap tool can help you create better products faster.

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Today, I’m explaining to you Appsumo’s Leanbe Lifetime Deal, which is a great deal.

What is Leanbe?

Leanbe is a platform that allows you to gather customer input, create a data-driven development plan, and publish product changes. That helps you create the product your customers want to see.

The first thing you’ll notice about Leanbe is that it makes it easy for you to keep your announcements together.

From a single widget, you can keep your users up to date on your changelog, your product roadmap, and your users’ ideas for new features.

A lot can be changed, so it doesn’t look out of place when you put it on your website.

So, once you get it set up, you don’t have to bother customers with emails or texts every time you change something.

They’ll see it right away. For more information, watch the video below…

Leanbe alternative to Productboard & best for Product management teams looking for a simple approach to designing user-oriented and data-driven solutions can benefit from this tool.

Why Choose Leanbe Lifetime Deal?

Your product team doesn’t always come up with the greatest ideas. Leanbe allows you to get feedback directly from users of your goods.

Users may post feature requests, upvote current requests, and write comments on a dedicated page hosted on your site.

How much more efficiently would your product, marketing, and CX teams function if they were constantly on the pulse? Finally, Leanbe adds a “roadmap” option for more openness.

Leanbe Can Do For You:

  • We get feedback and requests for new features from a lot of different places.
  • The best way to do this is to put all this data in one place.
  • Share your public development board with other people & let them vote on what they want to do.
  • They use idea boards to talk about their future plans and get feedback from others.
  • It’s important to make a product roadmap with release notes and put it on your website.
  • All the people in your management and support team can use it.
  • Track what is planned, what is supposed to happen, and what has been done.
  • It arranges feature requests and feedback into groups based on how important, urgent, valuable, and important they are to the business.
  • To get an in-depth look at users’ backgrounds.
  • Make contact with all of the people that liked the post.
  • got a sense of how people think about the subject.
  • Social share buttons should be added to your content.
  • In order to decide what to build next, you should use real data.

If You Learn More About Leanbe? Go Here…


Leanbe Pricing Plan

If you want to buy Leanbe from their website, you have to spend; $23/month on Startup, $63/month for Business & $119/month for Agency Plan.

If you’re worried about how much money you spend each month, what should you do? Check out Appsumo right now, and you can get Appsumo’s Leanbe Lifetime Deal👍

Appsumo Leanbe Deal Pricing Plan and Features

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo.

  • Lifetime access to Leanbe
  • Updating the Agency Plan
  • Upgrading or downgrading between 5 license levels
  • Regulated by GDPR
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited notification widgets
  • Custom domain
  • Custom redirection
  • Custom categories
  • Social sharing
  • Notification Scheduling
  • Feedback analytics
  • CRM
  • Request prioritizing mechanism
  • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee

♥ AppSumo customers will soon be able to use the smart roadmap creation and task management system connections.

Get Leanbe Lifetime Deal At $69.00 | $1134.00

See the Appsumo Leanbe Lifetime Deal Pricing Plans below;

Appsumo Leanbe Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

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Final Thought

Leanbe is a product roadmap tool that helps you build better products with customer feedback and a product roadmap.

It is an easy-to-use, collaborative, and visual tool that helps you create a product roadmap in minutes.

With Leanbe roadmaps, you can show your consumers what you’re working on. Sure, you do.

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