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You have big marketing goals but maybe a small marketing budget. The cost of social media marketing is going through the roof, and so are CPC and CPA.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on Facebook ads and Instagram influencers but want a solution that’s up to five times cheaper, keep reading.

Introducing: Appsumo’s KingSumo Lifetime Deal Is Available Right Now…

What’s up, Friends? It’s Ariful Islam here with, Here you will find Appsumo Lifetime Deals & Digital Product Reviews with a Digital Marketing Explanation Blog.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to KingSumo Lifetime Deal: a service that lets you create leads for your company or brand via viral freebies.

What Is KingSumo?

KingSumo is a platform that allows you to generate viral giveaways in order to rapidly and efficiently build your following and receive more leads.

Run giveaways for tangible or virtual items to increase your email list. Leads may be obtained at a fraction of the cost of Facebook advertisements, Instagram influencers, and other marketing methods.

Make sure prospects perform the steps you want them to in order to earn additional entries. Follow you on social media, go to your website, and so forth.

KingSumo has no alternative; he is the king himself. Perfect for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses seeking unlimited new leads via viral giveaways.

Why Choose KingSumo Lifetime Deal?

Imagine what a viral campaign can achieve for your business! With KingSumo, it’s simple to create a new giveaway. Simply fill out the form with your giveaway’s title, description, number of winners, and prizes.

KingSumo Lifetime deal dashboard

Next, choose which platforms you want your participants to be able to share the offer on. Contestants who visit your company’s website or follow you on social media should get extra chances to win.

After you save, you may start inviting your network to the contest by social media, email, or links.

Giveaways generally take on a life of their own after a few people enter, but it helps to give them a little boost.

When your giveaway is finished, click the “Ready to Award” option to start picking winners. Of course, you can check who won and make changes as needed.

A Facebook tracking pixel may be grabbed from Settings, and you can specify your currency there.

KingSumo Lifetime Deal Ready to Award

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What Can You Do With the KingSumo Lifetime Deal?

  • Promote your email list by giving away actual or digital goods.
  • Get leads for a fraction of the cost of Facebook advertisements and Instagram influencers.
  • Your first giveaway will be put up in no time with the editor.
  • Your own product, partner items, real or digital commodities, or a PDF.
  • Their participation becomes a viral sales team for you.
  • Concentrating on other critical business duties by KingSumo works wonders for any company or brand.
  • Up to 20% of emails collected this month come from KingSumo!
  • 2–3k fresh emails each day through referrals, And KingSumo didn’t deserve them.
  • You may configure your KingSumo giveaway to reward extra activities.
  • Create a social or traffic CTA.
  • Any site may host a widget or the whole giveaway unit.
  • Automatic 24-hour reminders mid-giveaway

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KingSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan & Features

✅ Let’s start with the benefits of buying KingSumo:

  • KingSumo Pro Lifetime Access
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Embed on WordPress, Squarespace, and other websites
  • Your own logo Upload
  • Options for translating your giveaway page
  • Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier integrations
  • Convert your giveaway entries to CSV
  • Automatic mid-giveaway and final 24-hour emails to contestants to encourage sharing
  • Bonus entries for special acts
  • Checklist for efficient giveaway advertising
  • Picking winners at random
  • Advanced spam and fraud protection to decrease bots and bogus entries

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  • A discount popup will show after just seconds.
  • Enter your email address to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue to use the same email address.
  • Finally, you will get a 10% discount!
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Final Thought

Marketing strategies do not have to be sophisticated or expensive to be successful.

Nobody has time for that when you’re a busy entrepreneur. You may include a widget or the whole giveaway unit on any website using KingSumo.

You’ll be able to send the addresses you gathered during the contest straight to your ESP or a spreadsheet with convenient connectors.

There are additional mid-giveaway and final 24-hour reminders to keep your entrants focused on the prize and promote more sharing.

If you want to start producing more leads, prospects, and customers, you should start with KingSumo and create your first giveaway.

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