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What is the connection between cold emailing, cold calling, and knocking on doors?

A few things, in point of fact…

  1. The rate at which they convert customers is really low.
  2. Being on the receiving end of one is something that the vast majority of people despise.
  3. The time you spend attempting to make them function might be better spent on outreach that really convinces prospects to purchase your product or service.

I’m speaking about the practice of customized video marketing, and in today’s lesson, you’ll find out why video is the next big thing for expanding your business.

Meet: Kennected Video Lifetime Deal >>>

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Today I’m talking about Kennected Video – an excellent tool that allows you to make customized Videos for your outreach initiatives and increase response by up to 96%!

What Is Kennected Video?

Kennected is a video marketing software that lets you design and distribute tailored video messages to prospects and consumers.

Personalize your outreach by creating and sending a video message using your camera or smartphone, and recording your screen, face, or both with the Google Chrome extension.

Kennected Video is an alternative to Loom. It is Perfect for Sales professionals, marketing teams, and customer service representatives that want to add a human touch to their approach.

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Why Choose Kennected Video Lifetime Deal?

⇒ User-friendly video marketing software

Kennected Video enables you to send customized video messages via your preferred channels, allowing you to remain connected at all times and in any location.

  • Utilize a camera or smartphone to personalize your outreach.
  • Upload existing videos to improve the quality of your pitch.
  • With Kennected Video’s Chrome plugin, you may record your screen, face, or both.
  • Create a database of evergreen video material that you may utilize again.

⇒ Customize your prospecting messages

  • Trim combine, and quickly edit: Merge numerous films into one or trim current recordings to create customized videos on a large scale.
  • Make use of call-to-action buttons: Always Try to Finish. It is difficult to close if you do not ask for the sale. Include configurable buttons to encourage involvement and provide clear next actions.
  • Make use of a video landing page: Choose from our collection of ready-to-use designs or a custom-created page.
  • Captions: Include easy-to-read captions to increase accessibility and strengthen your message.
  • Customizable media player: Maintain brand consistency by having complete control over the colors and appearance of your video player.

⇒ Send from anywhere

  • Send your films by SMS, email, LinkedIn, or directly from your CRM.
  • Sharing equals caring: Share videos on social media or via direct messaging.
  • Website popup: Drive visitors to your preferred website by displaying your movie above the URL of your choosing.
  • Send compressed links with confidence, knowing that your movies will not be captured in spam filters.

⇒ Track your results

  • View alerts: Receive real-time notifications when your video is viewed.
  • In-depth reporting: Gain super-powerful insights by tracking clicks, views, and interactions using analytics.
  • Admin reports: Use team reporting to boost corporate adoption and identify where you’re succeeding.

Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Solutions

Take a look at the tools that will revolutionize the way that you do business.

➣ Cloud Kennect

Establish Connections And Appointments With Your Preferred Audience Utilizing the Number One Outreach Tool on LinkedIn Both Connected and LinkedIn provide you with the means to fine-tune your outreach depending on collected data.

Make your outreach more precisely focused if you want greater outcomes. Cloud Kennect is the most powerful LinkedIn automation tool available for growing businesses.

➣ Video Kennected

Customized outreach films for email marketing and LinkedIn InMail are the simplest way to cut through the noise with Kennected Video. Create compelling videos with our Chrome addon. Share your screen and your face, or just one.

➣ Kennected Calendar

The easiest way to plan activities. removed the back and forth by allowing you to plan appointments and meetings based on availability. Syncs with Google Calendar and more to come.

Kennected Video Standard Features

Mobile app – The mobile app for iOS and Android from Kennected Video makes it simple to shoot and distribute videos while on the go.

➲ A preview in thumbnail format – Animated thumbnails help you get seen and stand out in a busy inbox by drawing attention to your message.

➲ Video response – Make it possible for recipients to react with their own video email for an experience that is dynamic and engaging.

➲ Unrestricted space for storing – There are no limitations on storage. Kennected Videos will automatically be uploaded, stored, and hosted on our servers.

➲ Provide without charge – Take use of our video marketing strategists’ limitless world-class support and help desk resources at no additional cost.

➲ Upload without worrying about anything – You have a lot of responsibilities! You may save time by working on other projects while your movies are uploaded.

Why Buy Kennected Video From Appsumo?

  • Screen recording and web-based recording
  • Thumbnail preview animation
  • Designs for ready-to-use landing pages
  • Overlay of a website
  • Buttons for taking action
  • Video player with personalization
  • Outlook and Gmail integrations
  • Chrome extension
  • Trim and combine
  • Social networking
  • View alerts in real-time
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Video response
  • Team collaboration and folder organization
  • Uploading and downloading videos
  • Unlimited videos

Kennected Video Appsumo Pricing

Choose the best Appsumo plans for you…

License Tier 1 – Only for $59.00 | Regular Price $468.00 Save $409 Right Now!

  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • 1 member of the team (s)
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Translations and captions

License Tier 2 – Only for $129.00 | Regular Price $1560.00 Save $1431 Right Now!

  • Every functionality listed above is included.
  • 10 team members (s)
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Translations and captions

License Tier 3 – Only for $259.00 | Regular Price $2110.00 Save $1851 Right Now!

  • Everything listed above is included.
  • 25 members of the squad (s)
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.
  • Cloud storage of up to 1 TB
  • Transcripts and captions

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Final Thought

Kennected works with LinkedIn Basic & Sales Navigator to make your lead generation efforts simple & automated.

Send your connection requests with ease & follow up automatically one by one as if you were sending them manually.

I think this kind of cold-calling is the way your business will grow in the future. But as time goes on and more of your competitors do the same thing, you’ll lose your big advantage.

So don’t wait, click the link below to get Kennected Video today!

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