Influencify Lifetime Deal [34+ Million Best Influencers]

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Managing multiple campaigns can be challenging and costly for many brands. Ad campaigns may not truly highlight your brand and product’s value as you intended.

With Influencify, you can access over 60 functionalities to help you execute multiple influencer campaigns. You can choose the perfect influencers for your products with guaranteed success over normal advertising.

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Today, we’re talking about Appsumo’s Influencify – what is it, its features, its database, pricing, and more.

Influencify Lifetime Deal Overview!

Influencify is a powerful AI Influencer marketing platform that enables businesses to grow their sales using the 35 million influencers database from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube from a single platform.

With the Influecify platform, you can ask for a suitable influencer using over 20 filters such as location, engagement, gender, interests, age, and more.

Influencify allows you to analyze social media profiles, thus helping you create your database and plan your influencer lists. The platform also enables you to estimate your campaign results due to the influencers’ main KPIs.

With 34+ Million Best Influencers to Help Your Brand Grow

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Influencify Lifetime Deal

Influencify Appsumo Lifetime Deal is an alternative to NinjaOutreach, Izea & HypeAuditor.

Furthermore, Influencify can help you manage many campaigns with a visual and easy solution. With complete reports and automatically generated graphs, metrics, and campaign data from the platform, you can measure your results.

Influencify Features

Below are some of the Influencify features that make it stand out among its competitors.

Influencify Lifetime Deal Features

Large Influencer database:

Influencify has over 35 million influencers that businesses can choose from to promote their campaigns.

With these numbers, you can select varied demographics, such as age, location, and gender, and consider psychographics like brand affinities and interests.

The platform has over 100,000 ways to filter combinations, allowing you to fit the right results fit.

User-friendly interface:

Though the amount of data on Inflencify may seem overwhelming, navigating the platform’s discovery module is straightforward.

The design interface makes applying filters on the search icon easier, allowing you to dig deeper into any influencers’ profiles.

You will not reach a point where you are confused or oversaturated with data.

Audience Analysis:

The audience analysis features enable marketers to gain insights into the consumer base using real-time data from various sources.

Businesses can plan and execute marketing strategies and campaigns to generate authentic market value with this feature.

Audience analysis also helps marketing teams organize promotional strategies and content and conduct personal profiling for better decision-making.

Campaign Analytics:

Influencify Lifetime Deal has a campaign management tool that allows you to evaluate your influencers’ performance concerning marketing campaigns.

The campaign analytics rank influencers using key performance indicators (KPIs), including brand mentions, revenues, and contributed work. This way, you know which influencer is suitable for your campaigns.

Reporting and Dashboard:

The influencing dashboard allows you to visualize and monitor campaign performance through a real-time display of success metrics.

You can generate results faster and distributes them to relevant parties. The reports also help with forecasts and better influencer brand combinations.

Influencer segmentation:

Influencify allows you to group influencers based on their work and results on certain campaigns or initiatives.

This allows you to assign ownership levels and activate individual segments.

Influencify Pricing Plan

You can choose different pricing plans depending on your budget. Below are influencify pricing plans.

Starter ($48/month)

This option is suitable for new creators, covering over 60 million profiles. What do you get?

You can discover Instagram, up to 1,500 profiles monthly, a maximum of 10 monthly complete profile analyses, one user, and email support.

Basic ($98/month)

Consider the basic monthly subscription if you are looking for creators and their complete profile analysis. What do you get?

Access to the Instagram network, a maximum of 5,000 profiles monthly, Instagram influencer analysis, 25 monthly profile analyses, audience overlapping analysis, one user, and email support.

Professional ($298/month)

This plan suits businesses planning for an influencer marketing campaign with continuity in mind. The package accords you the following:

  • Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube networks, a maximum of 10,000 monthly profiles, advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencer analysis, and 75 monthly profile analyses.
  • Your business will also benefit from campaign management and a maximum of five campaigns, audience overlapping analysis, forecast campaign results, and five reports.
  • Instagram, Youtube, Twitter analytical, and reporting results are other advantages of this package. It also allows 50 post analyses every month, three users, and email and phone support.

Business ($698/month)

Brands or agencies often use the business plan with multiple campaigns and influencer marketing investments simultaneously executed. Businesses with shared information and team collaboration on Influencify also need this plan.

Benefits for businesses/agencies on this plan

  • Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok networks, a maximum of 20 000 monthly profiles, and print PDF lists and profiles.
  • The business also gets advanced influencer analysis on various social media platforms, including Twitter, 250 profile analyses every month, shared profiles, lists, audience overlap, and forecasted campaign results.
  • You are guaranteed campaign management with 20 campaigns and a custom campaign workflow.
  • You will also have Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter reporting and analytics with a maximum of 20 reports.
  • The business will be provided with 150 post analyses every month, a printable PDF report, a share report, and a CSV export.
  • It allowed for five users and dedicated email and phone support.

Final Thought

Is it worth investing in influencify Lifetime Deal?

The answer is yes. Your business marketing campaigns will be enhanced with influencify like never before.

Businesses are witnessing conversions due to influencers, and influencify helps you use the appropriate influencer for better results.

The Appsumo’s Influencify lifetime deals make things even better. You can save much more by getting your Iinfluency Lifetime Deal now.

I hope this article was helpful to make it easier for you to decide why you should choose influencify Lifetime Deal.

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