HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal Review | Power up remote meetings

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Have you ever considered the possibility of upgrading your meetings with a web-based whiteboard? Which enables you to share, present, and participate online in a productive way

Introducing: Appsumo’s HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal…

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Today, we’re going to talk about HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal – an online whiteboard that makes it easier for teams across the world to work together on creative projects.

What is HuddleIQ?

HuddleIQ is an all-in-one digital whiteboard that provides you with everything you need to meet, present, and collaborate productively online.

On a collaborative online whiteboard with built-in video conferencing, brainstorm ideas and see how they might look. Automation tools can help you organize projects and keep track of progress.

So HuddleIQ’s main feature is its Whiteboard, which is both new and interactive. For more information, see the video below.

HuddleIQ alternative to Miro & Mural. The right choice for remote teams and instructors who want to enhance their project management, teamwork, and presenting abilities.

Why Choose HuddleIQ?

HuddleIQ’s highly customized online collaboration and presentation solution will revolutionize all of your remote meetings, client video calls, online courses, masterclasses, and workshops.

Whether you want the visual assistance of mood boards, mind maps, and flow charts or you want to sketch out your ideas using photos, symbols, emojis, post-its, and videos whiteboard HuddleIQ’s feature will make you feel like you’re right there in the room with anyone you’re working with.

You’re speaking to it will also give you the impression that you are an artist…

Why Choose HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal

What Can You Do With HuddleIQ?

  • Online and in real time, display your digital whiteboard.
  • Documents, presentations, and live annotations may all be shared.
  • HuddleIQ has hundreds of templates that may be customized.
  • Tasks may be assigned, progress can be tracked, and comments and attachments can be added.
  • It’s simple to keep templates private or share them with your team.
  • Right from your dashboard, you may create private or shared projects.
  • Permissions for each project may be customized.
  • You may also invite members of your team to see, comment on, and modify projects.
  • And More…

If You Learn More About HuddleIQ Features? Go Here…


HuddleIQ Pricing Plan

If you want to buy HuddleIQ from their website, you have to spend; $9.50/month on standard & $16/month premium plans…

What should you do if you’re worried about your monthly expenses? Visit Appsumo HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal Right Now…👍

HuddleIQ Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

First, let’s go through the benefits of buying from Appsumo

  • Lifetime access to HuddleIQ
  • All upcoming Pro Plan updates
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to redeem your code(s).
  • You may stack unlimited codes.
  • Available – GDPR compliance
  • Each code stack adds 5 team members to HuddleIQ.
  • New HuddleIQ users and returning AppSumo customers only.
  • AppSumo users who bought HuddleIQ may buy extra codes to unlock more features.
  • 500 GB uploading storage, Upload file max 100 MB, Save Template boards, Cards with tasks
  • Enchantment containers, shapes, and arrows write and highlight
  • Video, screen, polls, chat, comments, and task timer
  • MathType and ChemType equations and unique education templates
  • Document support, integrations, cards, presentations, and document export
  • Object alignment, connecting objects, track & aid, backdrops, map, presentation mode
  • Projects, member and guest invites, task lists, and attendance
  • Adobe, Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, Pixabay, and Slack
  • Freehand sketching using a stylus, touch, or mouse
  • Presentations support 60+ document types
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for any reason.

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Final Thought

HuddleIQ’s real-time conferencing feature takes no time at all.

You may also conduct surveys, establish task durations to keep everyone on track throughout the meeting, and even put up project tasks mid-call utilizing the new task tool.

It has progress bars, labels, and comments, like project management software. It’s all on HuddleIQ.

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