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Your business cards and print advertising will look better with augmented reality. You want in on the action but lack the coding or technical expertise. So, Do you want to create AR experiences quickly?

No worries, because now create and modify interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences without writing code.

Introducing: Hololink Appsumo Lifetime Deal >>>

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Today, I’m excited to introduce Hololink Appsumo Lifetime Deal – a software empowering everyone to create interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Hololink is a user-friendly design tool that allows you to build, test, and publish browser-based augmented reality experiences in order to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

You may create no-code augmented reality experiences for the web by using your own material or freely available assets like 3D models, films, photos, and audio. Using a drag-and-drop storyboard, create an interactive user journey.

Hololink is an alternative to the 8th Wall, Zappar, and Unity. That is perfect for Agencies, creatives, and marketers interested in using interactive augmented reality “AR” experiences to engage consumers and students.

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There are no downloads. Only imagination. Hololink allows you to share your augmented reality creations without requiring your audience to download an app. It’s never been simpler to create AR experiences. The platform’s simple drag-and-drop functionality. Intuitive drag-and-drop platform.

With Hololink’s intuitive, browser-based editor, creating AR experiences is surprisingly simple. This enables you to generate functional prototypes at record speed.

Hololink Appsumo Lifetime Deals

Remote Tools

Interactivity accompanied by a visual summary – Create significant AR experiences by making them interactive. The user-centered interface of Hololink provides a visual overview of interactions, enabling you to prototype quicker than ever before.

Thousands of 3D models are available for free – To employ in your projects, you may have access to hundreds of 3D models (or import your own). There’s no need to design your own models or spend money on pricey models.

Community Marketplace

Everyone knows that Appsumo is always on time with the deals. So make sure to sign up for a Hololink account, and watch your email so you don’t miss out!

  • It combines 3D models, video, photos, music, and animations to create completely immersive AR scenarios.
  • Using the Sketchfab interface, you may browse hundreds of free media alternatives.
  • combine video and backdrop using green screen video and chroma key.
  • Create 3D sceneries with dynamic media pieces using a simple editor.
Hololink Appsumo Lifetime Deal 3D
  • Drag-and-drop scenes to reorder a pre-made template or create your own.
  • You may use your smartphone to preview scenes at any time throughout the design process.
  • Create flows using the drag-and-drop storyboard and preview before publishing.
  • Interact with your AR work by linking to external URLs or capturing screenshots.
  • Customize your AR experience by controlling visual presentation and user navigation.
  • You may set up teams inside dedicated workspaces.
  • A custom URL is allowed with the Growth Team plan.
  • movies, articles, and ebooks regarding AR design and best practices.
  • Invite coworkers into designated workplaces to work on projects together.

Let us first consider augmented reality experiences of making a purchase from Appsumo.

  • Hololink Lifetime Access with 60day money-back guarantee
  • All future Growth Plan upgrades
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop platform
  • Interactive actions
  • Huge 3D model library
  • Import your own 3D models
  • Analytics, & Custom on-brand interface
  • Create unlimited Hololink-branded AR experiences
  • GDPR Compliant, And More…

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Hololink Appsumo Lifetime Deal Price

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Hololink is simple to use, Your subscription gives you access to the Hololink Academy, a comprehensive training site with video courses, ebooks, articles, and more.

There’s never been a better time to be a designer, agency, or entrepreneur. Don’t delay, get this Hololink offer while it lasts!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Click on it.

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