Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Review

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An online course can make you feel re-educated. You’re already exploring content management, web design, and progress monitoring before you even start your course.

You need a complete platform that lets you focus on students and content rather than logistics.

Introducing: Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal >>>

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to the Heights Platform, a platform designed to support you in creating best-selling courses.

What Is Heights Platform?

Heights Platform is a customizable, all-in-one online course platform that supports you in the creation, management, and sale of your courses online.

Heights make it simple to create an online course, no matter how experienced you are or how much you despise technology.

Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal is an alternative to Kajabi and Thinkific. This is the best for solopreneurs, artists, coaches, and consultants looking to monetize their knowledge online.

Why Choose Heights Platform?

What do you think? What Is the Best Software for Creating Online Courses?

I think! With the Heights Platform, you can create and sell fantastic online courses and digital products. Use your knowledge to make money and help your audience get what they want.

Heights has everything you need to start an online course, challenge, membership, or coaching program that will be a big hit. All the tools you need to make a landing page and process payments are built-in.

Entrepreneurs who want to make money with their knowledge are helped by the Heights team. The Heights Platform is meant to make your students feel like they’re learning something new. This allows them to put their new knowledge into practice.

Why Choose Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Start an Online Course in 30 Days by Heights Platform

Heights is also providing a free course called “T-30 Launch” in conjunction with the launch of this package. T-30 Launch is your own guide to bringing your online course from concept to launch in 30 days or less.

It will walk you through a step-by-step approach that has already aided thousands of course authors all around the globe. You’ll learn how to identify a specialty, how to plan course material effectively, and how to determine your costs.

You’ll also get access to printable worksheets and templates, as well as a private forum where you can exchange comments, be inspired, and learn straight from the Heights team.

Let’s See Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Can Do For You

  • Create and sell online courses, digital items, and subscriptions.
  • Encouraging student participation via challenges and forums.
  • Drag-and-drop lessons to arrange them.
  • Create downloadable files using photographs.
  • Send mass emails to pupils.
  • Using the lesson editor and climb framework, construct lessons with videos, graphics, audio, and downloadable resources.
Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Can Do For You
  • Gaining advancement points, badges, and certificates
  • Set up online challenges with deadlines.
  • Set up email autoresponders
  • Keep students interested in drip-release lessons, emails, badges, and certifications.
  • Learn more about student enrollment, lesson completion, and income.
  • Pay with Stripe or PayPal.
  • resell digital items, recommend upsell courses after registration, etc.
  • The Creator Dashboard easily tracks enrollment, engagement, and income.
  • Make your own color schemes without coding!
  • Add your own unique domain and logo.
  • Make a public blog.
  • Customize your courses with your own URL, logo, and theme!

Learn more about >>> Heights Platform Features >>>

Heights Platform Appsumo Terms & Features

Let us first consider augmented reality experiences of making a purchase from Appsumo.


  • Heights Platform Lifetime Access with 60day money-back guarantee
  • All future Challenge (1 code) or Pro (2+ codes) Plan upgrades
  • You have 60 days to use your code(s).
  • Stack code Unlimited
  • GDPR ready
  • New Heights Platform users and returning AppSumo customers only.
  • Unlimited lesson video hosting and encoding for $9/month
  • If the plan limit is surpassed, add batches of 500 active students and 5 goods for $19 per month.
  • Each code after 10 unlocks 10 more items, 1,000 active students, and 1500 contacts.a
  • Student comments and conversations in challenges
  • Downloads of text, photos, audio, and files
  • 1 hosted video and unlimited embedding
  • Pay using Stripe and PayPal
  • Create an ad-hoc product bundle
  • Student stats
  • Badges, points, and completion certificates
  • Access from a PC, tablet, or phone
  • Custom domain with free SSL
  • Customizable Landing page design
  • All Zapier, Integrated, and Pabbly Connect connections
  • 1 year free. academy domain (worth $37)
  • 1 Course, Challenge, Digital Product, Message Board, or Project within Heights
  • Heights will organize a symposium for creators with guest speakers discussing their Heights experiences.

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Appsumo Deal Pricing

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Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

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Final Thought

There should be no question in your mind at this point that Heights is the greatest software you’ll ever find for launching your own best-selling courses.

And with free access to the “T-30 Launch” extra training, there’s almost no way you can go wrong.

All that’s left is to click the link below, download Heights and their “T-30 Launch” training, and you may be making your first income by this time next month.

Click the link below to get Heights Platform from Appsumo! But act quickly, since this offer will not last forever!

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