Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59] | Fastest Way to Fix Bugs

A visual bug tracking system that lets you fix bugs faster and solicit feedback to develop better features.

It has been designed with the developer in mind and is focused on the user experience.

This is the latest blog on best practices for using Gleap.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal – The black box software for apps and websites that helps you identify the fastest way to fix bugs.

Gleap Overview

Gleap is a tool for developers that makes it simpler to repair bugs by providing visual reports and allowing you to solicit input to improve product features.

Allow users to highlight flaws with screenshots and replay videos using Gleap, and get a visual bug report rich with technical facts and information.

Use user input to improve goods and communicate directly with consumers via surveys and requests for new features.

Gleap is an Alternative to Instabug,, and Usersnap.

Who Needs Gleap?

If you are a Software team, project manager, and developer that wants to squash bugs faster and boost user satisfaction.

Gleap is an All-in-one tool for websites and apps to report bugs and get customer feedback. Talk to your users directly and find out what their everyday problems are. So, Get this tool right now!

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Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features

Gleap helps you fix bugs faster by creating visual reports, plus lets you solicit real-time feedback for feature design. Gleap is a developer tool that helps you fix bugs faster with visual reports, plus lets you solicit feedback to create better product features.

⇒ In-App Bug reporting

Gleap is relied on by over 200 different teams for bug reporting. Gleap gives developers all the tools they need to recreate errors 10x faster, solve them faster, and keep their customers happy.

Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal In-App Bug reporting
  • Capture feedback visually
  • Activate by user interaction
  • An SDK for everyone
  • Save time and money
⇒ Customer Surveys

Distribute brief surveys prompted by particular user actions and events in order to develop better products based on direct user feedback.

With tailored surveys given when it is most relevant to the user, you may get particular context on user choices and product development. Your response rate will soar.

Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal Customer Surveys
  • Distribute however you like
  • Setup within seconds
  • Relevant & exact surveys
  • Results dashboard

⇒ Product Roadmap

Use your own product roadmap board to let your team and users vote on feature requests. A great method for determining what your consumers really desire.

Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal Product Roadmap
  • Embed on your website
  • Vote on requests
  • Comment have your say
  • Share your roadmap

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View The Product Demo Video Reimagined customer feedback…

Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plans & Features

  • Lifetime access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All updated Growth Plans
  • No codes, no stacking—choose your plan.
  • The license must be activated within 60 days.
  • Ability to switch between 4 license levels
  • GDPR ready
  • Only for new Gleap users with no accounts.
  • Unlimited bug reports
  • Unlimited team members
  • Up to 1,000,000 users
  • All integrations
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Custom feedback type
  • Direct user communication
  • Custom domain
  • User experience rating
  • Bug reporting
  • Feature request board
Gleap Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plans & Features

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Final Thought

Gleap is a developer tool that helps you fix bugs faster with visual reports, plus lets you solicit feedback to create better product features.

Gleap helps you fix bugs faster with visual reports that automatically check your code. Also lets you solicit feedback with in-app surveys and live chat to create better product features. Gleap is used by leading companies like Product Hunt and Opendoor.

So, If you need to fix bugs faster with visual reports and customer feedback, then click the button below! But hurry, since this offer is about to expire!

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