Forrk Review 2023 | Best Mobile Menu & Ordering System

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Forrk Review” is the best accessible mobile menu and ordering system for local restaurants.

You can create a smart Q.R. code menu, a mobile ordering system with Forrk, and whatnot to make your restaurant stand out among the others.

Isn’t it amazing that it will attract customers and increase your restaurant’s profit by making it modern and digitized?

To know more about Forrk Review and its benefits, keep reading this Forrk that provides amazing features:

Forrk Review

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What is Forrk?

In this post-pandemic world, survival has become very difficult for restaurants because people don’t want to go to the restaurants and order the menu from the menu card, which many people touch.

So, they prefer to go to a restaurant where they are free to order through the Q.R. code. Forrk Enterprise is a cloud app with everything restaurants need to survive this pandemic.

It helps you create zero-contact menus for customers, and also, the payments are made on the table so the customers can feel safe as they dine in.

Forrk also sets up online ordering for restaurants that cannot pay GrubHub, Deliveroo, and many others.

You can also add layouts, images, and descriptions using Forrk and add different kinds of ads with videos like McDonald’s and others.

Why Choose Forrk?

Are you looking for a way to make money and help your local community during these trying times? Look no further – the biggest opportunity in the marketing of the decade has arrived!

Groundbreaking mobile menu technology is here, and it makes you a ‘Pandemic Marketing SuperHero’.

Help local restaurants avoid closing their doors permanently, by helping them create their own sophisticated GrubHub-like platforms for takeaway orders.

With this tech, restaurants can sell food online via their own branded apps – easily and affordably. You can become the hero to struggling businesses everywhere – just as they need it most.

With this revolutionary new tech, you can make monthly fees helping local businesses get their own digital menu systems up and running.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any special coding skills. All it takes is some creativity and marketing know-how.

Forrk Review Overview!

Make money, save businesses, and make a difference in the world at the same time – this unique opportunity has got it all. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a ‘Pandemic Marketing SuperHero’!

  • With time more and more people prefer to stay at home and order their food through different services like GrubHub and UberEats.
  • These are expensive for most local restaurants, and they cannot afford them, and this is why many restaurants are closing each day.
  • With the help of the Forrk app, you can easily get a monthly paycheck as their local marketing hero and get other benefits.
  • It helps you set up online ordering for your restaurants much cheaper, and you don’t need to pay for other sites the huge fees.

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How Forrk Review Facilitates Your Access to It

Find struggling clients:

You can find clients struggling to get the food or associate with the restaurants.

How to find qualified local restaurants to sell Forrk services to.

Find the best clients for mobile websites, ordering systems, and GrubHub alternatives.

Forrk Review Find struggling clients

Auto-build their touchless eCom system:

You can build a touchless eCom system and enjoy access just with a click.

Then, create, print, or embed a QR-code touchless menu that links to a restaurant’s mobile ordering system.

Scannable QR codes allow customers to view and order from a restaurant’s menu on their phones while in the restaurant or at home.

Forrk Review - Auto-build

With Forrk’s smart menu and ordering system comes a fully functional mobile site. Use DFY templates and host on Forrk’s servers.

Create food listings that are highly profitable:

Then, populate their smart menu with the food products and meal specials available in the establishment.

Create high-converting intelligent food listings complete with descriptions, reviews, FAQs, videos, discounts, and more in the same way as McDonald’s or KFC do to increase profitability and increase sales, and revenue.

Forrk Review -Add the restaurant's food

Charge a monthly fee for ongoing use:

You can charge a monthly fee for the use of the app for your restaurant as well.

Incorporate PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, or other payment processors to accept no-contact payments.

Once an order is placed, the restaurant can track the status of mobile or pick-up orders.

Watch Forrk Review The Demo Video:

Some Unique Features of Forrk

  • Create a QR-code touchless menu and place them on the tables.
  • Choose from a variety of templates to create and sell.
  • Easily customize your mobile menu, website products, etc., using the point-n-click editor.
  • Choose from various themes like ‘Italian’ or ‘BBQ’ to create and sell.
  • Choose from smart menus and product templates in different colors to make your menus look highly professional.
  • Integrate the client’s accounts like PayPal, Stripe, and many more with just one click.
  • Allows the restaurant owner to track payment orders and see the status of each order.
  • Create product variations like small or large sizes.
  • Allows reviews for higher conversions and also adds various descriptions.
  • You can integrate clients into the app to do your work for a monthly fee.
  • It is user-friendly, and you can use it without much difficulty. All these features let you make your restaurant advanced and friendly for customers during this pandemic and even later on as the world uses more and more mobile services for everything.

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What Forrk Does For You?

This Forrk Review can help you find to figure out many things such as:

  • Aids in finding prequalified restaurants: The amazing fact about Forrk is that it will locate the restaurants using other expensive services such as GrubHub. Then you can offer these restaurants, Forrk’s services.
  • Helps in building the best Q.R. menu: Forrk also allows you to create a smart Q.R. menu for the restaurant as, during the pandemic days, digitalization of everything has become the talk of the town.
  • Build an efficient ordering system: Not only a Q.R. menu, but Forrk also helps you build an ordering system that you can use to order food in the restaurant or even at home.
  • Mobile site: Using Forkk, you can also build a mobile site that will take you to the restaurant’s services and all. Thus, what else do you need when you can get everything with Forrk?
  • Helps in making high-converting food listings: In addition to all this, Forrk also helps in making high-converting food listings in which you can add details of the menu, videos, FAQs, reviews, and much more.
  • The delivery is monitored: Forrk also allows restaurants to monitor the order. Thus, the food is delivered at the right time to the right customer.
  • No-contact payment: You can also attach payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal, etc., to receive no-contact payment.

What You Cannot Do Without Forrk?

Forrk has many benefits such as it is fully tested and helps you to thrive in our restaurants but if you do not use Forrk then:

  • You will end up paying a high fee for using GrubHub and Uber Eats.
  • You won’t get any bonus prizes that Forrk provides.
  • Your services might not be super-efficient.

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Forrk OTOs and Pricing

>>> OTO1 (Fork Professional for $97)

  • Make unlimited stores with Forrk.
  • Build unlimited products & menu items.
  • Organize store product quotas.
  • List recommended & add-on products to the menu to make it easier for the customers.
  • Group products into tiers to give them a professional look.
  • It helps you add combo offers, i.e., burger, fries, and shake.
  • Send notifications.
  • Ten more DFY Sites to make it more attractive.
  • Ten more DFY menu templates to attract customers.
  • Get professional VIP bonuses.

>>> DS1 (Forrk Professional-Lite for $57)

  • You can create unlimited Stores.
  • Set quota limits.
  • Build endless Q.R. Codes and Menus.
  • Create unlimited products.
  • Create recommended products.

>>> OTO2 (Forrk DFY for $197)

  • You will have a DFY Restaurant Agency website with an e-commerce checkout ability, the ability to showcase features, the ability to show testimonials, and customization to help enhance your experience.
  • DFY Hosting Plan – Forrk will customize and host your restaurant agency website.
  • VIP masterclass to learn how to run an agency for the long term.
  • You will also access DFY video Facebook ads to attract local restaurant clients.
  • You will get Ads Manager setup help.
  • 50 DFY restaurant stores with DFY common food items.
  • You will also have one-on-One “hand-holding” help.
  • Provides Access to Forrk Template Club for a one-time price in which you can get ten extra DFY templates and two templates every month.
  • It also provides outsourcers licenses and team member access.

>>> DS2 (Forrk DFY-Lite for $67)

You can get a few features at a lower cost.

>>> OTO3 (Forrk Elite for $147)

  • Add unlimited agency clients at once
  • Have an unlimited team member access
  • Get the ability to fully white-label the app with a custom domain, logo, and colors.
  • DFY resellers rights – resell Forrk with DFY funnel that is quite amazing.
  • Restaurant Agency Suite and get a set of DFY ads, print-on-demand materials, swipes, contracts, legal agreements, and more to start getting agency clients.
  • Get agency VIP bonuses

>>> OTO4 (Forrk – Rewardsly Unlimited Special for $49)

  • Get Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program Creation Technology that helps you get rewards for your small business.
  • Helps to create auto-customized gift cards.
  • Have access to A.I. QR Code Technology.
  • DFY Templates.
  • Cloud-based mobile rewards for loyal customers.
  • Email market integration.
  • Allows patent processor integration.

>>> OTO5 (Forrk – PlayPix Unlimited Special for $19)

  • Make drag-n-drop cloud video.
  • Create studio-quality videos.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Fully cloud-based.

Fork Review Pros and Cons:


  • Create a smart Q.R. code menu, an e-commerce mobile ordering system, and much more at lower prices.
  • Fully cloud-based App.
  • It provides 24/7 customer care.
  • Provides DFY Site Hosting.
  • Efficient client management system.
  • It is fully tested.
  • Allows In-App training.
  • Get updates and notifications.
  • It is a 100% pandemic-safe solution to run your restaurant.
  • Easy customization.


  • Highly satisfied with the Forrk.

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Thus, this Forrk Review contains all the information you need to run your restaurant successfully using Forrk.

I hope this article was helpful to make it easier for you to decide why you should use Forrk.

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