Firmbee Lifetime Deal Review | Project Management Software

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  • Do you want to manage projects, tasks, business connections, money, recruiting, and bills quickly and easily?
  • And do you really want to cooperate more successfully by using Kanban boards, time tracking, and budget monitoring?

Introducing: Appsumo’s Firmbee Lifetime Deal.

Projects, money, recruiting. A project management software called Firmbee is here to help you run your business.

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Today, I’m very excited to introduce you to Appsumo’s Firmbee Lifetime Deal – It is business management software that provides everything you need to manage your remote team.

What Is Firmbee?

Firmbee is an all-in-one project management platform that helps to manage all of your projects, contacts, invoices and leads in one place.

Using Firmbee’s Kanban boards, you can keep track of all of your projects and tasks in one convenient location. Kanban boards allow you to easily personalize project phases, statuses, and tags.

Firmbee Is an Alternative to Asana & Monday and the Best for Entrepreneurs, remote teams, and freelancers that wish to run their businesses from a single, centralized location.

Why Choose Firmbee Lifetime Deal?

Firmbee is divided into six major components: project management, teamwork, remote work, financing, recruitment, and CRM tools. Let’s start with the project’s features.

➠ Project Management

You may use the Project Module to create new projects, fill in data such as timeframes, budgets, and notes, and assign tasks to your team.

When you do, the tasks instantly fill on a Kanban board, where you or your project managers can keep a close watch on the progress.

Firmbee also empowers your staff to build bespoke to-do lists, track their hours, and interact with their colleagues to keep things going smoothly.

➠ Teamwork

Firmbee is a great way to exchange crucial project information with your team.

Tag people, send files, and offer structured comments under relevant tasks. Benefit from real-time doc collaboration.

Automate your team follow-ups using check-ins, which allow you to ask individual users the correct questions in an automatic and repeatable manner.

Remote work

Provide your employees with a multipurpose platform that keeps everyone in the loop. Without any effort, reach out to every single team member.

Distribute assignments among peers and quickly monitor the workload of your team. Allow workers to share structured comments and communicate task details.

Because of task comments and user mentions, you may avoid unwanted e-mail threads.

➠ Financing

Firmbee provides a set of financial tools to help you monitor income, spending, and offers.

You may produce invoices, download reports, and even create items or services from the finance area to make payments as simple as possible for your customers.

Furthermore, if you sell tangible things, you can use Firmbee to monitor inventory as well!

➠ Recruitment

Firmbee Lifetime Deal recruitment

Also, have a look at how fantastic their recruitment function is everything you need to know about your applicants is available in one place.

Contact information, resume, portfolio, and anything else that hiring managers, HR, and stakeholders must review before making an educated selection.

CRM Tools

Never again be concerned about losing critical customer data. Use powerful filters to locate the information you need in a matter of seconds.

Check the projects, payments, or documents related to a certain contact with ease. Get up-to-the-minute information on the status of your agreements.

Label contacts as leads, new, regular, or loyal customers with labels.

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What Can Do With Firmbee Lifetime Deal

  • Assign tasks, comment, attach files, and more while tracking key projects.
  • Send automatic project updates to staff.
  • They calculate personnel expenses using time and budget tracking.
  • Track income and spending, then invoice based on budget modifications.
  • Use timesheets to compute employee expenses.
  • It automatically creates invoices in many languages, currencies, and tax rates.
  • control your whole staff recruiting process.
  • It standardizes job criteria.
  • Use auto-suggestions.
  • assign task statuses, deadlines, and priorities.
  • action items (notes, events, meetings)
  • To-do lists are generated based on tasks on your team’s Kanban boards.

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Firmbee Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

Let’s start with the benefits of buying Firmbee from Appsumo

  • Get Firmbee Lifetime access
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Project & remote work tools
  • Cooperation tools
  • Coworking and HR tools
  • Finance tools
  • Administration tools
  • 200 GB file upload limit
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

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Final Thought

If your current assessment technique just seemed like lassoing a tornado, it’s time to use the Firmbee tool to help.

Firmbee also has a ton of other capabilities, such as lead generation campaigns, team calendars, and a powerful CRM You can save yourself some time.

So, Grab your Firmbee Lifetime Deal Right Now! Because Firmbee lets you manage all your business activities, from projects to recruiting, in one place.

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