Email List Validation Lifetime Deal [$59] – Best Way To Clean Up Emails Reach Proper Mailbox

  • Are you maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your email lists?
  • Do you want to prevent harmful emails from affecting your email marketing campaigns?

Are you prepared to improve the deliverability of your emails and keep your sender’s reputation by removing fake toothache complaints from your list using a simple method?

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Today I’m talking about Email List Validation – The multi-level verification system cleans up your email lists quickly and makes sure they can be sent to the most people.

Email List Validation Overview

Validating your email list cleans up your contact list in a rapid and effective manner, ensuring that you are sent to the appropriate mailbox.

With Email List Validation Lifetime Deal Quickly clean your email lists to get rid of abandoned and invalid accounts, use the API to validate emails that were supplied in registration, and urge people to resubmit their information if their email address was incorrectly entered.

Appsumo’s Email List Validation Lifetime Deal alternative to ZeroBounce & NeverBounce. Effectively for Email marketers and sales teams who want to make their lists more effective by verifying them in a powerful way.

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Why Choose Email List Validation Lifetime Deal

⇒ Before starting a campaign, verify your email list.

All those hours spent composing emails and creating templates are useless if they are not delivered. Deliverability is hindered by hard bounces and invalid emails. 1% of faulty emails may affect deliverability by 10%. Worst-case scenario: permanent blacklisting.

⇒ Keep harmful emails out of your email campaigns.

By checking and cleaning up your email list, you may avoid hard bounces, spam traps, and false emails.

  • Upload your list or use integrations to import it.
  • Verify and purge your email list.
  • With assurance, press the transmit button.

Tools that help you keep your lists clean

  • Validation of Domains: Removes any emails with incorrect domains.
  • Complainants confirm: Removes any email addresses that match our Complainer Database.
  • Verifier of syntax: Checks for improper syntax and eliminates it instantly.
  • Bouncing in real-time: Untraceable emails are sent to any address that cannot be confirmed using other techniques.
  • Disposable email checker: Detects free email accounts used to disguise actual email addresses.
  • Team account: This allows you to add team members and cooperate while using the same credit source.
  • Anti-greylisting technology: Waits for a period of time before attempting to authenticate those particular emails if greylisting is detected. In other words, fewer emails in your final list would be tagged as “unknown.”
  • Selectable download: This feature allows you to download just the results that you need.

Keep in touch with the tools you currently use.

Email List Validation integrates with well-known ESPs, CRMs, and other marketing platforms. Select an integration from the library to connect to your preferred tool in seconds.

Email List Validation assures delivery to the correct inboxes.

⇒ 99% accuracy: You’ll never have to worry about email deliverability again if you use Email List Validation. The program removes spam triggers, invalid emails, and hard bounces, leaving only genuine leads.

⇒ Improves your campaigns: Your open, click-through, and conversion rates will improve if your emails constantly reach your consumers’ inboxes. You would also save money on spam emails.

⇒ Secured: Your data is encrypted to a high degree. Never lose, tamper, or abuse it. GDPR-compliant.

Get Email List Validation Lifetime Deal Right Now!

The Benefit of Email List Validation From Appsumo

  • GDPR-compliant Email List Verification encrypts user data.
  • Verify email addresses to enhance deliverability with top-notch encryption.
  • You may upload your lists or utilize CRM connectors to import them.
  • Verify mass emails by uploading lists or using CRM interfaces.
  • Real-time verification API filters invalid emails from registration boxes.
  • Filter bogus emails from registration boxes using real-time verification API.
  • Among others, you may connect with Mailchimp and HubSpot.
  • create unique reports that show you how many of your emails are really delivered.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp and HubSpot to validate lists and more…
The Benefit of Email List Validation From Appsumo

Email List Validation Pricing Plans and Features

  • Email List Validation Lifetime access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No codes, no stacking – simply choose the correct plan for you.
  • 60 days after purchase, activate your license.
  • Paid plan updates
  • Credits renew annually.
  • Upgrade/downgrade 5 license levels
  • GDPR ready

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Final Thought

E-mails don’t function with “True eyes perceive real falsehoods.” Email List Validation cleans bulk email lists and stops bad emails from going through.

API keys may be created. That’s the buzz about Email List Validation! So what? Improve email deliverability. Email List Validation now!

Get Email List Validation Lifetime Deal Right Now!

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