Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal Review [Get 60-Day FREE Trial]

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Do you want to automatically produce cash flow estimates from your accounting data and share up-to-date reports with your team?

Prepare for the future with visually represented predictions, and monitor your cash flow performance in real time.

Introducing: Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal On Appsumo.

What’s up Friends, This is Ariful Islam.

I’m going to introduce you to the Cash Flow Frog today. This is a tool for forecasting cash flows. You are supposed to have more financial security as a result of it.

Therefore, let us learn more about Cash Flow Frog and its advantages.

What is Cash Flow Frog?

Cash Flow Frog is a financial planning tool for small businesses that connect with your preferred accounting software to help you keep track of your cash flow and expenses.

The mission of Cash Flow Frog is to simplify cash flow planning. This starts by synchronizing with your accounting software, like Quickbooks or Xero, or with an Excel file of your bank statement.

It then pulls in the data you need so you don’t have to manually enter anything.

Cash Flow Frog can begin giving projections once everything is in sync. It makes forecasts using a mix of your bills, invoices, and manually entered estimates.

Cash Flow Frog is an alternative to Float, CashFlowTool, & Futrli that is perfect for Small Company Owners, Managers, and Freelancers who want to remain on top of their finances and fulfill their cash flow targets.

Why Choose Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal?

You don’t need bulky spreadsheets and lengthy data input to see where your company is going. With Cash Flow Frog and your accounting program. You will receive the most benefits. you can:

  • It automatically makes cash flow forecasts that are tailored to your business.
  • Cash Flow Frog works well with QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, and Zapier.
  • You can look at and change your forecasts with daily, weekly, and monthly breaks.
  • With customizable graphs, you can try out a lot of different what-if scenarios.
  • Test certain things without affecting the data in your accounting software.
  • It makes a graph that shows how things might change over time.
  • Real-time: Keep an eye on how planned and actual cash flow performance compares.
  • For more transparency, you can make your own cash flow reports that you can share with your coworkers and clients.
  • Flexible cash flow projections can help you plan.
  • You can add projections to your forecast, like how much payroll will be and how much sales will be.
  • Manually or automatically, make and change projections, and more…

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Cash Flow Frog Features

Forecast – Look ahead to see your future cash balance and understand where your company is heading.

It is the purpose of your accounting software to aid you in looking backward. Using cash flow predictions, you can gain a better understanding of your company’s current state and predict its future financial position.

Planned vs Actual – Tracking your planned cash flow against actual results will help you achieve better results.

Cash flow monitoring is important because it allows you to see how your actual cash flow compares to your forecasted cash flow. Maintain your course, fine-tune your forecast, and meet your cash flow objectives.

Projections – Cash flow projections that are smart and flexible will allow you to plan well for the future.

Projections are predicted cash transactions that can be created either manually by you or automatically based on your accounting data. They are simple to create, edit, and delete and can be done at any time without any difficulty.

Customer Insights – Learn about your best and worst customers, and use this information to improve your collection.

Customer insights help you rank your customers based on sales, collections, and payment punctuality. This information helps you optimize payment terms and improve cash flow planning, among other things.

Branded Reports – Beautiful and customized reports allow you to easily share your cash flow projections and strategies with others.

Projections are expected cash transactions that may be made either manually by you or automatically based on your accounting data. They are simple to create, update, and remove and can be done at any time without any difficulty.

Scenarios – By modeling many what-if situations, you can make better business choices faster.

Using what-if scenarios, you can determine when it’s the most advantageous for you to pay bills, recruit a new employee, or take an owner’s draw by evaluating the effect of various actions on your future cash flow.

VAT/GST Forecast – Incorporate VAT or GST refunds into your cash flow prediction to improve the accuracy of your cash flow forecast.

Calculate VAT/GST based on transactions that have happened in the past and those that will happen in the future. This will show both your actual and expected return, as well as how it will affect your cash flow.

Multiple Perspectives – Use daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly views to analyze and forecast your cash flow for up to three years in the future.

What-if scenarios assist you in determining the most appropriate moment to pay a bill, recruit a new employee, or make an owner’s draw by evaluating the influence of your actions on your future cash flow and cash flow forecast.

Consolidate Entities – Consolidate data from many firms into a single cash flow estimate in a matter of minutes.

With Cash Flow Frog Software, you may create simple consolidated cash flow statements. With a single click, you may go from an aggregated group view to a comprehensive view of each individual entity.

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Cash Flow Frog Pricing Plans

If you want to buy Cash Flow Frog from their website, you have to spend; $31/month for Standard & $39/month for Pro & You can Choose your yearly income range Up to $95 per month.

What if you’re worried about how much money you spend on a monthly basis? Don’t worry, there’s an Appsumo lifetime Access available right now, and you can get the Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.👍

Cash Flow Frog Appsumo Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo.

Deal Terms & Conditions:

  • Get Lifetime access to Cash Flow Frog
  • All future Standard Plan updates
  • A planned Pro Plan feature for Tier 3 clients (excluding 1:1 training with a Cash Flow expert)
  • No codes, and no stacking, just choose your plan.
  • Must activate your license next 60 days of purchase
  • The ability to move up or down between three license tiers.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Instantly users who do not have existing accounts
  • Money-back guarantee 60-days

All plans include a number of features that are not available elsewhere.

  • Integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, FreshBooks, Zapier, and Excel
  • Account mapping
  • Cash balance
  • Transaction table
  • Account Overview
  • Daily/weekly/monthly cash flow breakdown
  • Cash in and cash out
  • Notes
  • History up to one year

Get Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Access to $59.00 | $588.00

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Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal

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Final Thought

Whatever way you want to think about your money, Cash Flow Frog has a perspective that will make things simple for you.

You’ve seen how Cash Flow Frog can help you achieve financial stability. It eases the burden on the mind with its simpler financial predictions.

That leaves you with just one choice: Whether or not that peace of mind is worth it to you. Yes? Fantastic!

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I hope this article has convinced you Why Cash Flow Frog is the ultimate easy dynamic cash flow forecast for your business.

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