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Your product strategy can’t evolve if your procedures are stuck in 1995. The end-to-end product lifecycle is far more difficult to manage when using disparate systems.

What if you could create responsive product roadmaps, test innovative ideas, and launch your vision with one tool?

Yes, This Is Calido

What’s up? Friends, This is Ariful Islam here from You can find more here: Appsumo Lifetime Deals & Digital Product Reviews with a Digital Marketing Explanation Blog.

Today I’m Talking about Appsumo’s Calido Lifetime Deal – Create customer-centric products, unifying strategy across teams, and streamline product management operations.

What is Calido?

Calido is a product management software that helps with product development by providing intelligent roadmaps, bespoke shared views, and open data models.

Customizable templates, which include OKRs, user personality, and roadmap, make it simple to move products from concept to launch.

It also allows you to obtain user input on your ideas in real time through the Idea Portal.

Calido is an alternative to Productboard, Aha!, ClickUp, & air focus. Product managers, project managers, &  startups looking to accelerate product development with efficient workflows should consider this solution.

Why Choose Calido Lifetime Deal?

Did you know that the average product manager employs more than three pieces of software on a daily basis merely to accomplish their job?

Calido saves you time and difficulties by bringing all of the tools you need to produce excellent goods together in one place.

It’s really easy to establish your project, add your data, and get the party started with a vast collection of templates, a completely configurable workspace, and an intuitive UI. And, to keep things running smoothly, the “roadmaps” function maintains the proud Calido legacy of offering you total control over your workstation.

Calido Features

It is designed for product managers and is utilized across the company. Calido can handle the use cases of a complete organization.

Product management teams may oversee roadmaps, while product marketing teams can oversee product launches. UX research teams may handle research activities and results.

Deliverables and projects may be managed by project or program management teams. Visite Calido Lifetime Deal Offer!

Everything Is In One Place

Recognize what your clients need. Create a centralized repository for features, ideas, requests, research, customer escalation, and feedback. Categorize, organize, sort, and filter data to uncover trends or patterns that may be used to prioritize tasks. On the fly, create your own objects or record kinds.

Change your jumbled tools.

Your employment requires you to use smart sheets, wikis to describe requirements, OneNote to take notes, task management software to monitor tasks, and other technologies. In order to improve your processes, manage your data, and offer value to your customers more quicker, Calido is the ideal solution for you.

Back up your choices.

Connect features to strategic objectives, goals, user personas, marquee customers, ideas, comments, sales requests, escalations, or any number of records that go beyond what to develop and equip you with who asked for it, why it was requested, and how it maps to your plan.

Make use of a spreadsheet’s versatility and the power of connected tables.

What is the difference between an outliner, a grid, a database, & a smart sheet?

All of us have felt the urge to monitor more than simple features and basic roadmap items. Calido has you covered whether you want to monitor launch plans, escalations, concepts, or rivals.

Launch a product with the correct audience.

Some stakeholders desire specifics, while others seek high-level information. Create stored views and share them with stakeholders to modify.

Views may filter data by release, product, score, or next quarter’s objectives. Use filtering, sorting, grouping, and drill-in to access the data you need to make decisions and align the organization.

Object hierarchy that adapts to your needs

Record everything that helps you give value to your consumers, like checking your email. Set up an outliner like OneNoteTM with a product and a handful of epics.

Then add features, concepts, and escalations as child items.

You may construct a universe that suits your company’s demands as well as your product management and development system.

An Outliner’s flexibility and hierarchical objects’ capabilities.

Prioritize features with strategy in mind.

Link features to strategic objectives or any other strategic motivator. At the moment, create UDFs that reflect your company’s strategic drives and prioritize features and stories accordingly. Use raking, sorting, grouping, and filtering to uncover aspects that support your plan and watch them rise to the top.

Prioritization scores – Highlight key aspects

Create your own weighted scores for each feature. Specify strategic, effective, or mixed ratings. Then use multi-sorting and filtering to create your ideal list of the next steps.

Custom views – Share with stakeholders

Create groups based on value/effort, impact/strategic fit, or any other criterion. Drag and drop feature to mirror reality. Then decide on high-value/low-effort priorities. These are readily released.

Track everything

Keep track of tasks required to produce, release, or launch your product. As a basic field in your roadmap or as a connected field to another complete record in another list.

Consider tracking design progress as a drop-down field, but the launch plan as a related record that links to the entire launch milestone or job.

User personas – Target your priorities.

Link features and priorities to user personas and filter, group, and sort by them to evaluate how you are serving each user segment.

User paths

Filter, categorize, and sort features and user journeys to understand how you deliver top user journeys that matter to your users.

To concentrate on the most critical use cases that unlock user blockages, boost adoption, and drive conversion, such as user onboarding, inviting team members, upgrading, or creating your first report.

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Calido Pricing

If you want to buy Calido from their website, you have to pay $49/mo for the Starter, $99/mo for business, and $149/mo for Enterprise Plans.

Calido Lifetime Deal Pricing

What if you’re anxious about your monthly budget? Don’t worry, there’s an Appsumo’s Calido Lifetime Deal available right now!


Appsum’s Calido Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Let’s see first what are your benefits when you buy from Appsumo.

  • Calido Lifetime access with 60day money-back guarantee
  • Updates to the All Future Enterprise Plan
  • Manage product roadmaps, features, escalations, ideas, & tasks.
  • Organize & collect customer feedback.
  • Viewing a hierarchical or flat list, a Kanban board, or a Gantt chart
  • Cross-department collaboration
  • Connect roadmaps to strategy & goals.
  • Set company & product strategy objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Sync roadmaps with development tools like JIRA with prebuilt integrations.
  • User personas
  • Competitive analysis
Get Calido Lifetime Deal Price $69.00 | $1176.00

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Calido has a lot of good qualities in one ton. I’ve simply chosen a handful of my favorites. Calido can help you design better products, perfect the product-market fit, and expand your business quickly.

Don’t wait to get this deal!

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