BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal Review | Video Editing App

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You’re a smart marketer, are you ready to start making pro videos? All you need is a teleprompter, music, captions, editing software, and an unwavering commitment to learning all of those processes.

So, you already know that video content is essential to your strategy. But creating videos can quickly drain your time, resources, and budget.

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Today I’m talking about the BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal – This all-in-one tool features a teleprompter, captioning capabilities, green screen editing, branding & more that turns a 3-hour process into a 3-minute one.

What Is BIGVU?

BIGVU is a complete tool for making professional videos. It has a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more.

You can edit videos, add music, and change the color of the screen to green. You can also get an app for Android and iOS that works like a teleprompter. Work with as many as a hundred other people.

BIGVU alternative to WeVideo & Vimeo. Perfect for social media marketers, educators, and anybody who wants to create and distribute professional videos.

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Why Choose BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

BIGVU has something for everyone, whether you’re a daredevil who goes into videos without a plan or you’d rather play it safe.

BIGVU comes with its own teleprompter for people who want to write scripts. After it tells you how many seconds are left, your script will show up on the screen. The recording stops when the script does.

There’s no need for buttons. You can record more than one take and choose the best one. Still, need to edit some videos?

With BIGVU’s video trim, you can shorten a video by choosing wherein the script you want the video to start and end.

BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal Live

BIGVU Is Easy to Make Videos & Grow Your Audience

⇒ A TV Studio in Your Pocket

There’s a teleprompter, automatic subtitles, and an online video editor, so you have everything you need to make great video presentations.

⇒ Get to know your audience.

Live-stream on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.
Every video is a landing page with a button that people can click to get in touch with you.

⇒ Faster Learning

A group of experts gives advice on how to use video marketing to reach your followers better and grow your business.

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The Benefit of BIGVU Appsumo Deal

  • The teleprompter keeps you focused on the camera for short, compelling narration.
  • To fine-tune your setup, you may alter the lighting, scrolling speed, and music while filming.
  • There’s a teleprompter app for both iOS and Android smartphones, so you’re covered.
  • With a simple teleprompter for iOS, Android, and the web, you can read, narrate, and record.
Benefit of BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal
  • BIGVU automatically creates a storyboard with captions that match your narrative.
  • You can easily add subtitles to your videos.
  • Customizable, automated captions make your videos social media-ready!
BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal Stunning Caption
  • Easily communicate with your team using the online workspace and media library!
  • Upload your videos to a collaborative online workplace.
  • Put your brand’s photographs and videos in shared folders for your team.
  • You will be able to include your logo in the video.
  • Show headlines in the lower third of the screen.
  • Replace green screens with your own backdrop or video loop.
  • Add some background music for emotional pull.
  • In seconds, you can add your logo and creative motion titling to movies!
BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal Add your logo

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BIGVU Appsumo Pricing Plans and Features

Appsumo term’s

  • BIGVU Lifetime access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • Must activate the license within 60 days
  • Upgrade All future Workgroup plans
  • New BIGVU users and returning AppSumo customers only.
  • AppSumo users who bought BIGVU may buy extra codes to unlock more features.

All Plans Include the Following Features

  • Video recorder with the teleprompter
  • All recordings are free of the BIGVU branding.
  • Share to social media one by one.
  • Download the file
  • titling services for professionals
  • Backgrounds in music
  • Remove the green background
  • Post to many social networks with a single click
  • Your company’s branding
  • Change the title, fonts, and colors.
  • Other sophisticated functions

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BIGVU Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

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Final Thought

BIGVU is the ultimate professional video production platform for anyone who needs to create videos professionally.

It offers a complete suite of tools, including a teleprompter, automatic captions, and editing tools, that make it easy for anyone to produce high-quality videos.

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