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In the fast-paced world of business, your brand needs to be visible everywhere – from your logo to your website, your social media, and even your receipts.

We’re finding a brand design management platform that generates brand guides, designs, and assets in minutes and can help you manage your brand in all of your online and offline touchpoints.

Meet: Baseline Lifetime Deal>>>

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Baseline – The best brand design and management platform that saves you time with automated brand management and consistency.

What is Baseline?

Baseline is the best brand design and management platform that helps you make brand guides and design assets that are always on-brand.

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Baseline helps you generate brand guides and design assets that are always on-brand. It is a platform that connects directly to your Slack account, making your brand a seamless experience for your entire company.

This article will go through a quick product tour and explain how this platform can save you time and effort in keeping your brand on brand at all times.

Baseline is an Alternative to Canva.

Who Needs Baseline?

Are you a content creator, a marketer, or a solopreneur looking for an easier way to make brand assets on the spot that work well together? The baseline is the best guide for you.

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Why Choose Baseline Lifetime Deal?

Automatic Branding Guide creation is Baseline’s most outstanding software capability. Once you submit your logo, Baseline will develop a branding guide with all your designs, color palettes, and fonts, saving you time and ensuring brand consistency. No more truffle-hunting for brand assets!

Because you now employ what you observed while designing. Baseline automatically creates branded social media posts, email newsletter banners, and website assets.

You may add branding-guide-matching items, artwork, and background pictures. Choose anything you want. Baseline continues.

You may customize your brand’s voice. When you or your team works on a piece, the message is 100% on-brand, saving you time and providing brand consistency.

It’s like having a brand director watch you, but without the hassle.

Baseline Lifetime Deal Dhasboard

How does Baseline work?

⇒ Add a brand

You begin by creating your brand by following a few easy steps in which Baseline automates the majority of the hard work for you.

⇒ Create Content

Once your brand has been integrated, you may produce content that utilizes your brand assets automatically.

⇒ Stay on-brand

You may easily share your brand guide, copy automatically created CSS, and build on-brand content.

Baseline Features

The automatic generation of a Branding Guide is Baseline’s most impressive and unique software feature.

☞ Always On-brand Templates

Baseline Lifetime Deal Always On-brand Templates

Each and every template makes use of your brand automatically. The maintenance of consistency calls for little effort on the part of the user, and the process is so simple that anybody can carry it out.

☞ Remove Background

Remove backgrounds using AI at no additional cost! It just couldn’t be much simpler than this. You may choose to utilize one of our stock photographs, or you can upload your own.

☞ Branded Assets

Hundreds of branded assets all waiting to be used in your creations. Every asset will take on the colors of your brand without any further effort from you.

☞ Stock Photos

Locate the ideal photograph to include in your design. Within Baseline Studio, you are just one click away from accessing any one of the thousands of stock pictures available.

☞ Multiple Brands

Baseline Lifetime Deal Multiple Brands

Have a lot of things going on at once? No issue. You are free to add and administer an unlimited number of brands.

☞ Upload Your Own Assets

You may make color adjustments, resize images, and make other edits to them with Baseline once you’ve uploaded your own photographs or even SVGs.

☞ Text Effects

Choose one of these interesting text effects from the available options, or make your own from scratch. Text effects, along with everything else in Baseline, are automatically consistent with the brand’s aesthetic.

☞ Create Brand Guide

Bring your logo, and our very straightforward method for developing brand guides will handle the rest of the work. Making and hosting a brand guide via Baseline is completely free of charge.

☞ Also Includes Free Tools

  • Brand Guide
  • Logo Maker
  • Type Scale Generator
  • Background Remover
  • Color Wheel
  • Color Palettes
  • CSS Gradients
  • CSS Photo Filters
  • Norde Icon Manager

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Appsumo’s Baseline Lifetime Deal Pricing Plans

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  • All features above included
  • 5 brands
  • 5 brand guides
  • Unlimited designs per month
  • Unlimited downloads
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⇒ Baseline Lifetime Deal License Tier #2 is $139.00 | Regular Price $1488.00

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  • All features above included
  • 20 brands
  • 20 brand guides
  • Unlimited designs per month
  • Unlimited downloads
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⇒ Baseline Lifetime Deal License Tier #3 is $209.00 | Regular Price $4284.00

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  • All features above included
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited brand guides
  • Unlimited designs per month
  • Unlimited downloads
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Baseline Appsumo Terms & Features

  • Baseline Lifetime access with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All upcoming Professional Plan upgrades
  • There are no codes or stacking required; just choose the plan that is best for you.
  • Your license must be activated within 60 days after purchase.
  • Upgrade and downgrade between three licensing levels
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Only for new Baseline users who do not already have an account.
  • Free Norde Pro (icon manager)
  • Public brand guide
  • Tone of voice
  • Thousands of stock photos
  • Logo generator
  • AI background removal
  • Remove Baseline branding

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Final Thought

Brands are more than logos in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment. Brands are promises, cultures, and ideals. Baseline develops brand strategies.

Brand guidelines are the basis for creating a brand strategy. Brand guidelines determine a company’s verbal and visual language.

They include colors, typography, imagery, and message. Producing brand guides entails creating and arranging a vast amount of materials.

Baseline helps you create brand guidelines and design assets that are always on-brand.

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