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The cryptocurrency market is one of the most lucrative markets right now on the internet. Many people have made millions investing in this market.

With the availability of software that makes trading in cryptocurrency a lot easier, many people have started trading in this market.

Anny. trade provides a platform that allows you to make the most of your crypto investment.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to – the only smart trading platform that connects you to a network of successful traders. Lifetime Deal Overview is a crypto trading platform that makes it easy to grow your portfolio with signal groups, trade managers, and investment bots. With, you can get started with crypto trading with ease, and grow your portfolio quickly and efficiently.

With signal groups, trade managers, and investment bots, makes it easy for you to get the most out of your crypto trading experience. is an alternative to 3Commas, Zignaly, and Cryptohopper.

Who Needs

If you’re Crypto investors and traders who want to leverage the power of smart trading, bots, communities, and trade managers? With signal groups, trade management, and investing bots, you can keep your assets secure while growing your investments.

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Anny links investors with professionals and leverages blockchain technology to allow non-custodial investment and service fees without the need of middlemen. Lifetime Deal Features

☞ Smart trading

Use Anny’s smart trading tools to help you control risks, separate your emotions, and never miss a successful deal.

☞ Bots

Bots can help you watch the market and automate your transactions whether you are an expert trader or a novice.

☞ Copy trading

Lead traders have an array of advantages in Anny’s universe to boost their success rate in crypto deals and earn compensation for it.

☞ Signal groups

Anny gathers communities to generate trades based on a common algorithm and strategy, but each trader is free to choose their risk exposure and trade in their own manner.

☞ Trade management

Anny can help you manage the whole customer experience, including money collection, member administration, and support tools.

☞ Trading View integration

Share the results of your pine script algorithms with your internet community. Anny may be integrated with trading view webhooks to automate entry and exit signals.

☞ API integration

Anny REST APIs may be used to transmit signals to members of your community for automated investing, position management, and exit strategies.

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Appsum’s Pricing Plan & Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to with 60days money-back guarantee
  • All future Sharp (Tier 1) or Mighty (Tier 2) Plans updates
  • No codes, no stacking
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant

Including Features

  • Price monitoring in real time
  • Symbol analysis every 5 minutes
  • Smart trading terminal
  • Social trading
  • Copy-trading
  • Trade management
  • Webhooks and API integration
  • Shadow orders
  • Auto-invest and auto-stop
  • Trailing take profit
  • Trade timeline
  • Analytics
  • Monetize your signal groups
  • Telegram and CoinMarketCap integration
⇒ Lifetime Deal License Tier #1 Is $69.00 | $300.00
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  • All features above included10 signal groups
  • 10 bots
  • 6 indicator strategies
  • Unlimited active trades
  • 30 symbols per bot
  • 20 bot fires per day
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⇒ Lifetime Deal License Tier #2 Is $138.00 | $600.00
  • Save $462.00 With 10% Off!
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited signal groups
  • unlimited bots
  • 8 indicator strategies
  • Unlimited active trades
  • 40 symbols per bot
  • Unlimited bot fires per day
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The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile, fast-moving space with a lot of uncertainty. If you’ve been Crypto trading on your own and would like to try out a more hands-off trading approach, an investment bot could be a good option for you. allows you to join signal groups to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and trade groups to get insights from experienced traders.

This way you can avoid worrying about the technical aspects of trading, such as setting bots and making trades, and instead focus on your portfolio and the big picture.

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