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Do you want to make more affiliate sales?

Boost your affiliate sales, and commission, and feed hungry affiliates without using heavy and expensive page builders.

This WordPress plugin does everything for you. It’s a “set-and-forget” plugin that does all the heavy-lifting for you.

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By installing it, you will instantly make your blog more affiliate-friendly, and more conversion-friendly and you will get more commission from your affiliates.

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Today, I’m gonna introduce you to Affiliate Booster – Increase affiliate conversions “faster and easier” without expensive page-builders.

Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal Staning Design

Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal – WordPress Plugin to Boost Affiliate Sales

  • Gutenberg’s designs boost affiliate CTR.
  • Make money “faster and easier” without expensive page-builders
  • 28 Gutenberg Blocks for easy design
  • A Gutenberg plugin that converts blog posts
  • Pre-designed blocks with easy-to-use settings and adjustments speed up affiliate website development.

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Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal Overview

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress plugin that can help you to grow your Affiliate Marketing business, faster and easier.

It allows you to build responsive and highly converting affiliate landing pages without using any page-builder or any expensive software.


Affiliate Booster is a WordPress Plugin to Boost Affiliate Sales. It offers you a Magical Button on your Blog Posts.

When a Visitor clicks this Button, it opens a Lightbox Displaying the Product of Your Choice. The Lightbox is Responsive and Automatically Calculates Countries, Currencies, and Languages.

A Blog to Promote the Affiliate Booster Plugin.

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Why Choose Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal?

A Plugin Well-designed by a Seasoned Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Booster is a feature-packed plugin that compiles all of the necessary functions into a single location. Remove all of the unnecessary plugins from your blog, and replace them with just one.

Ready Made Designs

There are over 28 ready-made designs to save you time. Concentrate on substance rather than design now.

User-Friendly Controls

There are several customization options available to make these blocks match all of your unique tastes and desires.

Blocks for your every need

Use these blocks to market your services, goods, software, or anything else you want. These blocks may be used for a variety of purposes.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Reach out to more people by producing mobile and tablet-friendly websites with no effort.

No Coding Required

Create professional-looking pages without writing a single line of code.

Fully Customizable Blocks

With choices for typography, image settings, icons and colors, and more, you can quickly match every single block to your design ideas.

28+ Free Premium Blocks

Try WordPress Plugin for Free for 60 Days Now! Gain a Massive Advantage Over Your Competition and Get Your Affiliate Site Launched FASTER Today. For a Limited Time, Affiliate Booster is Available on a Special Discounted Offer. Don’t Miss Out!

The Best WP Plugin For Boost More Sales

Blocks for Gutenberg Designed to Raise Your Click-Through-Rate and Expand Your Affiliate Business

Single Product Block

Utilize this Block to Draw Attention to a Single Product or Service.

Comparison Block

Utilize this handy chart to make comparisons between a variety of items.

Notification Block

To increase the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your content, including any relevant special alerts.

Single Pros and Cons

By utilizing this, you may show a picture of the product, together with its advantages and disadvantages, and your overall rating all in one block.

Pros and Cons Block

Elegant Pros and Cons Blocks to list the attributes of the feature.

Call to Action Block

Include a unique call to action in each of your articles to increase the clickthrough rate.

Star Rating Block

It would be helpful for your readers if you included star ratings for the different items.

Good Bad Features

Utilizing this incredible building block, you may highlight the benefits and drawbacks of any product.

Notice Block

Put some attractive buttons in your blog, and you’ll see an increase in the number of clicks.

Notice Block

In order to attract more attention to your affiliate articles, you should create beautiful notifications.

Top Pick Block

Utilizing this incredible block to display your chosen top goods is a great idea.

Coupon Block

You get to choose from three amazing designs from our three uniquely crafted coupon blocks.

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  • You can easily create stunning designs with ease.
  • Blocks are pre-made, so there is no need to create them from scratch.
  • Blocks are designed to improve conversion.
  • Blocks are compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • You can easily customize the blocks to your liking.


  • There is no way to customize the blocks.
  • You cannot create your own blocks.
  • Blocks are not designed to improve your sales.

Affiliate Booster Appsumo Pricing Plan, Terms & Features

  • Lifetime access to Affiliate Booster with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Code redeem within 60 days of purchase
  • All Future Affiliate Booster Plan updates

Affiliate Booster Lifetime Deal At $49.00 | Regular Price $199.00

  • Save $150.00 With 10% Off!
  • 3 Sites License
  • Global color editing options
  • Coupon Designs
  • Comparison Table Designs
  • Single Product Designs
  • Pros and Cons Designs
  • 30 other blocks to increase CTR
  • Stacking info:
  • Stack 2 codes for $98 to upgrade to 25 Sites License
  • Stack 3 codes for $147 to upgrade to 50 Sites License
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Affiliate Booster is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress, which allows you to set WooCommerce affiliate links without using any page builder.

It’s fast, easy to use, and easy to install. Just drop & go. Affiliate Booster is ideal for anyone who wants to make more affiliate sales but doesn’t want to spend hours on a complicated theme or plugin.

You can set affiliate links for products, bundles, or products in a certain category without coding or changing the WordPress theme.

Start making more sales today with Affiliate Booster. Just Click on the button below. But, hurry! Because This deal won’t last for long!

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