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Do you know what would be fantastic? If there was a method to ensure you could launch, optimize, and grow your Facebook advertising in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

Brilliant ideas are excellent, but generating cash from your advertising requires monitoring, reporting, and campaign management. What if one platform could target, manage, and continuously analyze your campaigns for improved performance?

Introducing: Adscook Lifetime Deal.

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to Adscook, an Ad Management Tool Intended to Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend Operating Campaigns.

What is Adscook?

Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ad management platform that allows you to develop and expand campaigns across numerous accounts, as well as provide customized monitoring features.

The most amusing aspect is that you may improve income from Facebook advertisements by using automated 24/7 monitoring that modifies campaign behavior depending on unique variables.

You may also create and deploy up to 500 advertisements across different Facebook accounts, as well as see all of your account data from one location.

Adscook alternative to smartly.io and Revealbot. The Best Choice for marketing and eCommerce professionals that want an easy-to-use ad management platform with powerful capabilities.

Why Choose Adscook Lifetime Deal?

Scale Your Facebook Advertisements with Ease.

  • In a few seconds, you may create 100s Ad Versions.
  • Optimize your Ads Automatically
  • Keep track of what has an impact on performance.

While you connect your ad accounts, Adscook’s dashboard populates all the critical information you need to keep in mind when designing lucrative campaigns. In a single look, you can examine KPIs such as CPM, Ad Spend, Clicks, Landing Page Views, Conversions, CPA, and ROAS. This will assist you in making data-driven choices to optimize your campaigns as you create them in Adscook.

Adscook Lifetime Deal Dashboard

To start a new campaign, just click the “New Campaign” button on the left. The Adscook team made a few adjustments to the Facebook native ad platform to make it more user-friendly. For starters, you may access stored audiences, ad assets, and automation at any time. Every field has an A/B test option, so you can quickly test audiences, creatives, and copy. Hit “Publish” to submit all your modifications to Adscook for evaluation.

What Can the Adscook Do for You?

  • Automated 24/7 Facebook ad monitoring may help you generate more money.
  • It modifies campaign behavior to suit your needs.
  • Create and manage up to 500 advertisements across various Facebook accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Choose campaign goals like increasing conversions, leads, or engagement, based on parameters like age, gender, and location.
  • Save time by copying and pasting data between campaigns and identifying hyper-targeted targets!

Adscook Lifetime Deal Save Time

  • Create 500 unique adverts targeting your pre-saved groups.
  • Upload material from your computer or Google Drive and store it in an asset library for future campaigns.
  • With a single toggle switch, you can activate A/B testing and build advertising with mutually exclusive versions across demographics and assets.

Adscook Lifetime Deal AB Testing

Get Adscook Lifetime Deal Right Now!

  • Just one switch may help you discover the ideal combination of materials and audience.
  • Adscook’s powerful automation watches postings every 15 minutes, 24/7.
  • Automatically scale the best-performing content.
  • Create your own rules with hundreds of criteria.
  • Modifications depend on relative and dynamic situations.
  • Use strong automation to monitor performance and make modifications on a schedule.
  • Visualize cross-campaign performance and report on your top KPIs.
  • On the dashboard, you may design your own business funnel.

Pay Less For More

Other tools have limited capability, a difficult UI, and expensive fees. Don’t spend any more time or money.

Adscook Lifetime Deal Pay Less For More

A/B Testing Is Fun Now

Use the simplest tool for structured and speedy ad design, and make A/B testing enjoyable. Use all possible combinations of audiences, ad pictures, copy, devices, and so on to identify the highest converting advertisements.

Adscook Lifetime Deal AB testing is fun now

Activate Automation & Relax

While you are gone, 24/7 automated rules based on real-time campaign data (ROAS, Revenue, CPA, Spent, Reach,…) will ensure that your business remains successful. Identify and duplicate high-converting advertisements and assets, rebalance your budget, identify the best lookalike, and test any other scenario.

Adscook Lifetime Deal Activate Automation & Relax

Track the results. Skip the noise

In one real-time dashboard, you can easily detect elements influencing ad success. Make an in-depth study by measuring ROAS by term and optimizing your advertising further. Multiple accounts may be monitored in real-time with responsive dashboards.

Adscook Lifetime Deal Track the results. Skip the noise

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Adscook Pricing Plan

If you want to buy Adscook from their website, you must pay $29 to $4399/mo. Choose the best plan for you. What should you do if your monthly costs are causing you concern? Right now, go to Appsumo Adscook Lifetime Deal Right Now!


Appsumo’s Adscook Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Let us first look at the advantages of purchasing from Appsumo.

  • Lifetime Access to Adscook with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All future plans are updated with GDPR compliant
  • Make advertisements
  • Campaign monitoring and management that is automated
  • Make A/B versions.
  • Field presets may be saved.
  • Complete fields may be copied and pasted from one asset to another.
  • Reporting that is actionable and multi-account
  • And More…
Get Adscook Lifetime Deal At $79.00 | $1068.00

Get Adscook Lifetime Deal

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Final Thought

Automations are Adscook’s most awesome feature. Automations allow you to establish rules that stop, activate, and grow campaigns based on KPIs. If a campaign isn’t lucrative, cease funding it, or if it’s driving sales like crazy, boost the budget.

This form of automation frees you from micromanaging all your advertising and ensures that you aren’t wasting money by leaving poor campaigns running or not scaling successful ones.

So, whether you’re a marketer, media buyer, or solopreneur looking to reduce your Facebook ad management time, you’re stuck.

Get Adscook Lifetime Deal Right Now!

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